• Expensive
  • Takes 15 to 20 minutes to heat toys
  • Not lockable
  • Requires a nearby electrical outlet

How to Store Sex Toys

Sure, you could just throw all your toys into a drawer and call it a day, but here are a couple of things you may want to consider when storing your toys:

Hygiene: “Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry products before storing them so bacteria does not develop,” says Deb Laino, a sex therapist. “You want to store sex toys away from light, in a cool, dry area.” Check the cleaning advice in your toy’s instruction manual when you first get it to see whether any special hygiene practices are required or if good ol’ soap and water will do the job.

Separation: “You may want to keep butt toys away from vaginal toys,” Cy points out, because getting anal germs into the vagina can cause bacterial vaginosis, and soap and water alone may not be enough to rid your anal toys of that bacteria.

On that note, if you have toys made of porous materials like TPR or PVC, you may want to store them in individual bags to keep them from leaching chemicals that could damage other toys in your collection. However, toys made of non-porous materials (e.g. silicone, ABS plastic, glass, sealed ceramic) can be stored together without issue.

What to Look For When Storing Your Sex Toys

Your ideal sex toy storage situation will depend on a lot of factors, like how much living space you have, how many toys you own, and how often you have people over. Broadly speaking, though, here are some things to consider:

Size: You can check the measurements of your toys to figure out an appropriate size for your new storage solution, but keep in mind that you might add more products to your collection in the future. Leave yourself room to grow!

Material: If discretion is a concern, an opaque material is best. However, if you just want to be able to find specific toys quickly, you may prefer transparent acrylic or translucent plastic. Metal boxes are heavier and more difficult to move around than plastic ones, but they are sturdier and less prone to warping under the weight of too many dildos.

Discretion: “Some storage may proudly state it’s for sex toys, whereas others may be more discreet and look like [they] could store anything,” Cooper says. If you live alone, this might not matter to you either, but folks with family or roommates may prefer keeping things low-key.

Accessibility vs. Space-Efficiency: “There’s a balance between the two,” Cy says. “Piling all your toys in one box doesn’t take up much floor space, but depending on how many you have, it can be cumbersome to rummage through.” Struggling to find the toy you’re looking for—or to get it out of its well-hidden storage box—can interrupt the flow of sex, so Future You will be very grateful to Past You for setting up an easily-accessible, well-organized toy storage system.

Lockability: Some sex toy storage containers have a built-in lock, some can be fitted with a lock you buy separately, and some can’t be locked at all. If you’ve got kids or particularly curious pets around, you may want to invest in a lockable option; the same goes for if you tend to take your sex toys with you when you travel.

Travel-Friendliness: Speaking of travel, if you want to keep dust, dirt, and TSA’s prying eyes away from your sex toys in transit, get yourself a travel-friendly toy storage solution. See-through ones are generally best for air travel, as they allow TSA agents to see what’s inside without rooting around. Some toy storage bags have a separate compartment that’s suitable for stashing lube, condoms, vibrator charging cables, and other miscellany; these are great to take on trips because you can keep all your sex stuff in one place.

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