Best Self Tanner for Sensitive Skin: Hi Beautiful You Inc. Be You Body Body Perfecting Bronzer

Photo courtesy of Glamour‘s Channing Smith

If you have sensitive skin, Hi Beautiful You Inc.’s Be You Body Body Perfecting Bronzer is likely the self-tanner for you. Formulated with hyaluronic microspheres, citrus orange peel extract, aloe, ceramides, and shea butter, this hydrating, firming, and soothing smell-, chemical-, and steak-free body bronzer deepens skin pigment using iron oxides, which are natural mineral colorants that tan. And it really works, an doesn’t have a funky odor, according to Glamour designer and writer Channing Smith (and hundreds of enthusiastic five star reviews).

“If you’re like me, and you have pale, sensitive skin and you’re new to self-tanner, this is the perfect product for beginners,” Smith says. “The one shade is surprisingly versatile, blending into my palest of pale skin without an orange hue. As with many self-tanners, there is some residue, but I found the rubbing off to be minimal. Just don’t apply and then directly put on your favorite white dress.” Also of note? According to Smith, it starts working “immediately.”

  • Color range: One shade
  • Undertones: Brown
  • Format: Lotion
  • Development time: 1 hour

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