The cult of Costco isn’t just blind loyalty—the mega-chain has serious buying power that it leverages into actually good products. Case in point, the Kirkland Signature crew neck T-shirts. They use Supima cotton, known for its long staple fibers which are strong and silky. They’re made without side seams for a comfortable and durable construction. And the silhouette is a tastefully tailored fit that’s *chef’s kiss*, especially if you like to tuck in your tees. At around six bucks a pop, the multipacks are some of the best value out there. The good news is they’re not just cheap (and you don’t actually need a Costco membership to get in on the deal).

The Best Oversized Cheap T-Shirts: Uniqlo U Oversized T-Shirt

Uniqlo U

AIRism Cotton Oversized Half-Sleeve T-Shirt

Material: 53% Cotton, 47% Polyester, Fit: Oversized, Sizes: XXS-3XL, Colors: Varies

In this year of our lord 2024, baggy, wide-legged, and oversized clothes reign supreme. The quiet luxury trend would have you believe that you need to drop several bags to get the look, but time and again Uniqlo has debunked that claim, especially under the Uniqlo U sub-label helmed by one of the preeminent names in the genre, Christophe Lemaire. The Uniqlo U AIRism tee is billowy, breezy, and ultra-wide, but the carefully considered cropped length keeps everything in the right proportions so you won’t look like you’re trying to bring back the tall tee.

The Best Beefy Cheap T-Shirts: Pro Club Heavyweight T-Shirt

Pro Club

Heavyweight Cotton Short Sleeve T-shirt

Material: 100% Cotton, Fit: Relaxed, Sizes: S-10XL, tall sizes available Colors: Varies

If you’re after a tee that’s as burly as your fancy Japanese denim, but, well, you spent all your money on said denim, then look no further than Pro Club. The brand has flown under the radar for most people, save for the savviest of style hunters. With an all-cotton jersey that tips the scales at six ounces per square yard, they’re certified beefy and actually weigh more than other so-called heavyweight tees. And for under twenty bucks a pop, your money’s going a loooong way.

The Best Blanket-Soft Cheap T-Shirts: Abercrombie Classic Polished T-Shirt

Material: 100% Cotton, Fit: Classic, Sizes: XS-XXL, tall sizes available Colors: Varies

The softest T-shirts are either stupid expensive high-end tees that use the finest cottons, lovingly worn-in vintage pieces that have been washed and worn a million times, or cheap tees that are cut with synthetic materials. But Abercrombie & Fitch’s Polished tee is somehow all-cotton, surprisingly plush thanks to the special Biopolish finish, and remarkably affordable.

The Best Cheap T-Shirts to Wear Untucked: Gap Original T-Shirt

Material: 100% Cotton, Fit: Classic, Sizes: XS-3XL, Colors: Varies

When the weather gets warm enough, the only layer you’ll have on is a T-shirt. And, unless you’re a staunch tucked-in sort of guy, you’ll want to wear your tees untucked to let that glorious breeze waft through. The trick is to get a tee that’s the right length. You could go wide and cropped, but for the majority of us, a regular-fitting tee that hits the sweet spot is tough to find. Gap’s entrypoint is among our faves for wearing untucked since it hits right around the hips and looks great with just about any pant. Add to that a breathable and soft cotton fabric and a gang of colors and even some patterned options and you’ve got your whole summer tee rotation down pat.

The Best Sleeper-Hit Cheap T-Shirts: Muji Jersey T-Shirt


Jersey Short Sleeve T-shirt

Material: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester, Fit: Relaxed, Sizes: XS-XXL, Colors: Varies

We’ve tested a whole bunch of plain tees at our laboratory (the GQ offices), and to our surprise, Muji stood out even against some of our longtime favorites. The construction is up there with tees that cost several factors more, the fabric is satisfyingly dense yet silky to the touch, and the cut is a classic silhouette that fits most people. The next time you need to restock on your aroma diffuser, you may as well pick up a fresh tee while you’re there.

Plus 11 More Cheap-‘n’-Cheery Tees We Love


Heavyweight Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee

Dickies is a workwear stalwart known for its hard-wearing jackets and pants. That MO continues for their range of tees which are as sturdy as their work pants.


Even without the Frank Ocean name check, Gildan tees stand on their own. They’re on par with the likes of Kirkland Signature or Hanes’s iconic Beefy-T, so it’s really all about preference here.

Uniqlo U

Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Hefty and slightly boxy, Uniqlo U’s all-cotton tees have drawn flocks of T-shirt enthusiasts (Tyler, the Creator, included).


Colortone’s kaleidoscope of tie-dye tees is refreshing in a landscape of solid colorways and bleach-white T-shirts. Each tee is unique, and the best part is they use a perennial GQ favorite, the Gildan T-shirt, as a canvas.


Arguably the most recognizable of the heavyweight T-shirts, Hanes’s Beefy-T shirts helped usher in a wave of thick tees—and they’re still plenty toothsome today. They’ve got a soft hand that feels peachy to the touch and the fit is on the tailored side which makes them great as undershirts.


AAA Plain Blank Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Lore has it that these were the tees that got brands like Supreme off the ground. Sure, you’ll have to have some decent design chops and a tuned-in streetwear sensibility, but these AAA T-shirts stand on their own thanks to the hefty cotton jersey and classic silhouette.


Champion’s T-shirts are as hefty as their famed Reverse Weave sweats, so while they’re not the softest tees out there, they’re undoubtedly built like a tank.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic Factory’s Premium Wash tees achieve their luxe feel thanks to a balanced blend of cotton and post-consumer recycled materials which uses up to 4 bottles of recycled plastic bottles per tee. Okay, okay, so they’re actually more than $20. But if you’re patient enough (it doesn’t take much, honestly), you can find them on sale.

Russell Athletic

Dri-Power Short Sleeve Tee

There’s a time and a place for synthetic materials—and if you’re trying to make some serious gains in the gym or are playing your heart out on the basketball court, you’ll want some thing that wicks away moisture (i.e. not cotton). Russell’s Dri-Power tees come in a gang of great colors and are imbued with sweat-wicking and breathability powers to ensure you’re not soaked in sweat.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s tees are ideal undershirts thanks to their deftly fitted silhouette, soft and stretchy fabric, and tuckable length.


K87 Workwear Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Not only are Carhartt’s tees built like tanks, they’re cut like them, too. They’ve got an hefty feel and a generous cut that pairs well with some baggy jeans and a billowy harrington jacket, just like your neighborhood swaggy grandpas.

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