But we’re talking about the beard oil. It brings a citrusy, woody, incense-esque aroma, which I find both sexy and soothing. Also, to be clear, as a beard oil, it’s similarly intoxicating, with high marks for taming and hydrating beard hair. That is, if you can bring yourself to actually apply STMNT’s beard oil instead of huffing it.

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Tested and reviewed Adam Hurly

Courtesy of Adam Hurly

Best Budget Beard Oil: Pura d’Or Beard Oil

Why we love it: I test literally hundreds of grooming products a year, and I’m so intimately acquainted with brands new and old that I often think about them through the framework of their best product. For Pura d’Or, it’s this beard oil.

It’s the best value on this list, at $3 per fluid ounce. Given how quickly you can go through beard oil—just think, you’re applying twice a day, and maybe you have a big or thick beard—that dollar-per-ounce math becomes important.

Of course, it’s only important if the formula measures up—and here, it does. There are two carrier oils, argan and jojoba, along with a bit of grapefruit peel and some sandalwood essential oil for both a natural scent and a touch of antimicrobial powers. It’s a great beard oil for anyone, no matter how big your bank account, but if you’re bearding on a budget, you’ll appreciate how much goodness Pura d’Or packs into a few bucks.

Best Beard Oil for Flyaways: Jack Black MP10 Nourishing Oil

Why we love it: Jack Black’s Epic Moisture MP10 Nourishing Oil is an all-timer for me (I use it for more than my facial hair), but the bottle empties fastest when my beard’s at its bushiest. That’s when the flyaways and freaked-out follicles get craziest—and when the oil’s star ingredient, silicone, does its best work.

Silicone gets an unfair rap in haircare and skincare, particularly in an era where we’re (rightly) more thoughtful about what we put on and in our bodies. True, it’s not at all natural. But it has the unparalleled ability to seal moisture into hair and skin. One dusting-over with this blend from Jack Black will lock down any rogue hairs—all while treating skin and follicles with its roster of 10 oils.

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Tested and reviewed Adam Hurly

Courtesy of Adam Hurly

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Tested and reviewed Adam Hurly

Courtesy of Adam Hurly

Barber’s Favorite Beard Oil: Northern Fir Quality Beard Oil

Why we love it: I wanted to know the beard oil that Alyssa Bachowski, senior barber at Fellow Barber in Brooklyn, NYC, recommends most to her own clients—and Northern Fir is that oil. “I really like the light consistency, as it absorbs into the beard hair easily,” she explains. “Two of the more unique [oil] ingredients that it boasts are black pepper, which helps promote hair growth, as well as juniper berry, which helps reduce ingrown hairs. The smell of the product itself is woodsy and light, which I (as well as my clients) like.”

Best Beard and Face Oil: Blind Barber Beard Oil

Why we love it: Blind Barber’s tonka-tinged oil is wonderful for the guy who wants to moisturize skin and whiskers with the same product. It wears extremely light—so much so that my oily skin barely registers its presence—and I find its carrier-oil-centric and shea-butter-forward formula especially comforting on the skin. It should be noted that this formula includes artificial perfume, so fragrance-averse individuals should steer clear. But for those of us who want a special scent , a flake-free beard, and soothed skin, Blind Barber’s beard oil does it all.

Best Beard and Hair Oil: Aesop Shine Hair & Beard Oil

Why we love it: While I’d use most of the above options as both a hair oil and a beard oil, Aesop’s is one where I think of it as a hair oil first and foremost. It brings control without making things look greasy, while trapping moisture and stopping frizz. I’ll use it in short hair to tame down the sides, in medium lengths (mixed with a cream or clay) for added shine, or in long hair to prevent split ends.

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