Drea de Matteo stars in a new campaign for Tombolo’s collection in celebration of the sustaining legacy of what many consider to be the greatest TV series of all time, The Sopranos.

The 15-piece collection features everything from a deceptively simple classic logo tee to pieces borrowing imagery from the fictional Satriale’s Pork Store to, in what stands as its most touching and creative inclusion, a bath robe commemorating Tony Soprano’s childlike love of ducks.

Tombolo hosted a party in New York on Wednesday night to launch the collection, which can be viewed in full here. The throwdown took place at Mulberry Street Bar and counted Heidi Gardner, Emilio Vitolo, Vanessa Fuchs, Nicky Scarlotta, Jojo Scarlotta, and x3butterfly among its roster of noteworthy attendees.

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