Lemon girl summer is just around the corner, and Selena Gomez—and her butter yellow manicure—just proved it.

While Gomez has never shied away from wearing all types of yellow, the specific shade she’s wearing is right on trend. Butter yellow—otherwise known as the pastel between canary and beige—is everywhere right now. From the the runway to the red-carpet (see: Aubrey Plaza’s Loewe Emmys dress, you know, the one that looked like a post-it) to Gomez’s latest mani, it’s clear that pale butter yellow really is the year’s defining color.

But does that mean butter yellow is also set to be spring’s biggest manicure trend? Well, if you ask Gomez’s go-to nail artist Tom Bachik, whose clients also include Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello, it certainly seems like it. In fact, when Bachik posted the picture of Gomez’s new nails to Instagram, he captioned the post: “Trend alert: Butter yellows for spring,” Duly noted!

Not only is butter yellow right on trend, but when it comes to manifestation manicures, it could bring good luck—or at least some elevated vibes. According to, Sarah Potter, a tarot reader and psychic medium, yellow symbolizes happiness and courage, and is known to bring a boost in optimism.

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“Every color holds a vibrational energy that can enhance our intentions,” Potter tells Glamour. “When we use color consciously, we can manifest our desires, shift how we feel, and change the energy. We all relate to color; we all know which colors we live and which ones we repel. This is reflective of the energy we are working with and what we need to feel balanced.”

Looking at beautiful butter yellow on your hands can greatly improve your mood. So manifestation or not, that sounds good to me.

Whether you are manifesting good luck or optimism or simply want to hop on the butter yellow trend, one thing’s for sure: You can’t go wrong with such a cute color. Shop our favorite takes on Selena Gomez’s butter yellow nail polish below.

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Gucci Glossy Nail Polish: Cecilia Ivory

Danielle Sinay is the associate beauty editor at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @daniellesinay.

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