May 2 is Princess Charlotte’s birthday, so you know what that means. It’s time for a new official portrait of the royal kiddo. Charlotte’s ninth birthday picture was taken by noted amateur photographer, Kate Middleton. (As long as Kate’s photography skills are still under international scrutiny, let it be known that the Princess of Wales always takes her kids’ annual birthday photos herself.)

In the photo, which was shared on the official Prince and Princess of Wales Instagram and X accounts, Charlotte is leaning against some green hedges, wearing a red cardigan you might recognize. It appears to be the same knitted sweater she wore in the unfortunately edited Mother’s Day photo that Kate Middleton released in March. This time, Charlotte’s cardigan is layered over a blue sweatshirt, with a jean skirt and tights.

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“Happy 9th Birthday, Princess Charlotte!” the royals wrote alongside the photo. “Thank you for all of the kind messages today.”

Another noteworthy detail in the photo, according to commenters at least, is just how much Charlotte seems to resemble her dad. “William said copy and paste hahaha,” wrote one person. “She really looks like her Daddy…. 😍,” wrote another. “Princess Charlotte is Prince William’s twin through and through,” observed one Twitter-user. “Her dad’s genes are strong,” commented another.

Even if you don’t see the daddy-daughter resemblance, we can all agree the princess looks adorable.

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