It’s unclear if the ad was made with Lambert’s permission. LRG—a.k.a. Lifted Resource Group—commented on the above photo with four fire emojis, saluting his fashion sense.

Lambert became the talk of the internet last week when a clip of him wearing a light blue and white striped Ralph Lauren polo, blue jeans, and light blue New Balances went viral. He was stopped at Whataburger and filmed, apparently for his outfit.

“I ain’t fresh?” he asked the people taking the video. He immediately looked defeated when someone off-camera responded, “You not fresh, no. Sometimes, you just gotta take your L, bro.”

However, they admitted they were joking when the person holding the camera said, “Nah, I’m recording ’cause you fresh, bro.”

A cost breakdown from a TikTok user revealed that he spent between $290-300 on his look.

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