How long had it been since the pods when you met up with Matthew?

Um, a few months. It was like maybe even a few months after my wedding date, so I’m not quite sure, but it was months after the pods.

You mentioned on The Viall Files that you classify your relationship with Clay as “flirty friends.” How did that friendship develop?

Well, the friendship started in the pods. Like, we have just been friends since day one of meeting in the pods. Kind of like I mentioned, he was my fiancé. I still think he’s super handsome and very attractive. And we’re both single people. The chemistry never went away.

I like to reiterate, I don’t hate that man. And I know he doesn’t hate me, so when we get around each other, it’s just natural chemistry…. But again, we leave it at flirty friends and we just kind of move on. I think once he gets into a serious relationship—or I do—that will subside. But for now we just have fun and living life. We’re young and we’re hot and we’re just vibing.

America definitely feels that way about you. When E! News first posted your reunion dress, I saw someone comment that they thought you were announced as the next Bachelorette. Would you sign on for another dating show like The Bachelorette or Perfect Match?

I am just gonna keep the door open for whatever opportunities come my way. If it fits the lifestyle I’m in that moment, for sure. If not, then we’ll just wait for the next opportunity. But again, I’m not closing it off. I’m not saying yes. I’m not saying no. We’ll just see where I am in my life when it’s presented.

Even when you’re an obvious fan favorite, the internet still has a lot of opinions. Between the “bean dip” moment and “stacked” comment from Jimmy, some viewers felt you were objectified or sexualized by other cast members this season. How did you feel watching it all back?

I felt the same way I felt in the moment. I felt like they were jokes that kind of went haywire. I still believe that they were jokes, and I feel like it was not rooted in anything being overtly sexual. I think the way it was portrayed on TV, I could see how someone would see it that way, but me, personally, I’m okay. I feel fine. And I just don’t feel overly sexualized. I also think if that’s the case, I think maybe we should be asking other cast members why they feel comfortable speaking on my body and maybe not me.

There were some people online suggesting your conversation with Kenneth in the DR contributed to his breakup with Brittany. Did you see those responses?

I saw them, yeah. I just was like, Wow, they they think I have a lot of power. I don’t know where they got that, came to that conclusion. I don’t have a magic wand that makes people break up. I don’t have the magical words that, like, lead people astray. Ken and Brittany are two grown adults. And they made the decision on their own. However they came to that decision I can guarantee had nothing to do with me.

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