“This is fucking awesome to be here with all these people, being acknowledged for something that I would do for free with zero acknowledgement because it’s just in me and I love it,” said McBride.

“I think that it’s artists and creators who eventually will save the world,” said Ross.

“God bless afrobeats!” said Asake to raucous applause.

An astounding amount of linking and building went down during dinner service. Shafer leaned in to chat through dinner with Michaela Coel, who she met when filming “Mother Mary” in Germany last summer. They’re going back to finish it, Schafer said, later this year. “As you can see, she’s the coolest,” Schafer told me. “Even before I knew her I’ve been an enormous fan, and it means the fucking world that she showed up here to support me, which is insane.”

Schafer later caught up with Hynes, who explained that he was a “psychotic, obsessive fan” of Reznor. Reznor and Ross huddled with Burns, who at one point narrowly avoided getting roped into a bathroom selfie with Ryan McGinley, Antwaun Sargent, and Hynes. Reznor, Ross, and Burns were soon joined by George Lucas, who sat with his wife Mellody Hobson at Hamilton’s table. (George Lucas: iconic +1.) “We also got to hang with Danny McBride a little bit, and he was exactly who we hoped he was,” said Reznor. If ever there’s a buddy comedy starring McBride and JB Smoove soundtracked by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, you’ll know where it originated.

For now, Reznor said, he and Ross are getting ready to get back into the studio to work on Nine Inch Nails. “We’re just finishing up a couple film things that have been hanging around,” Reznor said, “But the ingredients are in the mix for new Nine Inch Nails music, and that’s what we’re most excited about getting to. It’s a couple weeks away from kicking into gear.”

By the time Smoove brought up Hobson to give out the final award to Hamilton, the host was only kind of joking when he asked Welch if there were any extra trophies lying around. “We just can’t stop doing what we’re doing right now,” Smoove said. “Is there anybody else who can give a fucking award to? I feel like this energy in this room, we could just keep going all fucking night.” In an awards show first, many in the room seemed to actually agree.

All the trophies were spoken for, but Hamilton took it upon himself to put the perfect exclamation point on the inspiring, animated program. “Creativity has made me a better driver, but more importantly a better person,” said the F1 star. “That’s why supporting art of all kinds is so vital. Supporting the next generation of innovators. We need to use our platforms to champion artists and designers and innovators of tomorrow, especially those from diverse backgrounds. Not just because it’s a good thing or it’s the right thing to do, but because of what creativity brings to humanity, what it inspires in us.”

As DJ Spinna warmed up the dance floor for the afterparty, Smoove signed off. “This is gonna reinvigorate all your souls in this room,” he said. “And if it doesn’t, there’s something wrong with your ass!”

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