The publication says that Kiro originally didn’t see himself joining the family business until he went to U.S. to study art. As fate would have it, Kiro found a passion for vintage clothes and denim. After a brief stint working for 45R, another high-end Japanese denim brand with a traditional approach, Kiro left in 2002 to work with his father.

Kapital as we know it was born out of Kiro’s art-focused sensibilities and his father’s eye for traditional craftsmanship. 

“Looking back at the history of jeans, the oldest jeans from Levi’s are about 100 years old,” Kiro told GQ in 2019. “Jeans originated in the USA, and my father perfectly mastered the reproduction. So I thought it was my turn to create something new and not just repeat what has already been done. I wanted to create something for the next 100 years into the future.”

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