Amid reports that Harry Styles and Taylor Russell, fashion’s newest potential power couple, have broken up after nearly a year of dating, the pop star is still sending fans on sartorial Easter egg hunts.

On a recent London outing, Styles dressed down in black Under Armour shorts, tortoiseshell Jacques Marie Mage aviators, worn-in Adidas Sambas, and a JW Anderson crossbody bag that Vogue suggested could be a token of interpersonal goodwill, given Russell’s ambassadorship at Anderson’s Loewe. Interestingly, the musician also wore a maroon crewneck printed with the small serif-font logo of Cadogan Tate, a London fine-art logistics firm that specializes in transporting valuable objects.

Eagle-eyed Styles fans quickly surmised that the sweatshirt, which is not publicly available for purchase, must be part of the firm’s staff kit. And while an art-handling company like Cadogan would typically assist dealers and auction houses, it seems Styles may too have had some valuables that needed moving.

In an email to GQ, a Cadogan Tate representative confirmed the musician’s maroon sweatshirt “is part of our team member uniform program. Mr. Styles acquired the garment after a recent project that our team completed with him.”

The rep declined to comment further on the specifics of the project.

Harry Styles is a big art guy. He posed for David Hockney. He gallery-hops. He’s been collecting since he was in his early 20s, when his personal holdings reportedly included a small museum’s worth of taxidermy, gun sculptures, and paintings such as an Andy Warhol-style print of Kate Moss. According to U.K. tabloid the Daily Star, he once tried to commission the covert British street artists Bambi and Banksy to paint frescoes in his home, but was thwarted by the fact that going to a famous singer’s house would reveal their identities.

The lore goes deeper. In the new Amazon rom-com The Idea of You, Nicolas Galitzine’s boy-bander protagonist Hayes Campell, who was partly inspired by Styles, is also a budding aesthete who woos his gallerist love interest (played by Anne Hathaway) by buying out her entire Silver Lake gallery. What are the chances Hayes then hired Cadogan Tate to ship all those vases back to London?

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