In her 27 years on this earth, Hailey Bieber has cemented her status as a style icon. She is one of the few nepo babies who has carved out a fashion identity that is both interesting and, refreshingly, wholly her own, filled with sexed-up menswear staples, signature accessories (specifically, her Saint Laurent skinny sunglasses), and a woke-up-like-this approach to throwing together an outfit—looking equally at ease in her husband’s boxers and as she does in sparkly minidresses.

So it comes as no surprise that Justin Bieber’s better half has immaculate maternity style, too. What is surprising is that, for the most part, she’s wearing exactly the same clothes she always has. She’s so committed to her personal brand of Cool Girl (TM) that it would be impossible to spot the difference between her pre-pregnancy and maternity looks were it not for the glaringly obvious baby bump in the middle.

On May 23, Justin shared a carousel of photos of the happy parents-to-be. Hailey wears two distinctly Hailey Bieber looks in the post: A pair of mid-rise baggy jeans and an extra-oversized menswear-inspired blazer, which she tossed over a white button-down. To emphasize the third party in the pic, the model left her shirt un-buttoned below the bust. She finished off the look with her favorite pair of square-toed black leather loafers.


Her second look plays off the same formula, though she added a belt on her jeans and swapped the shirt and blazer for an evening jacket, this one also unbuttoned to expose her bump.

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