Drew Barrymore, former Hollywood wild child turned rom-com star turned feelings-first talk show host, just revealed the way her daughter used one of her more antics against her.

“My daughter wants to wear a crop top…I’ll say, ‘No,’ and she’ll go, ‘You were on the cover of Playboy‘,” the Drew Barrymore Show host told fellow mom Christina Aguilera during a recent interview. It’s definitely a funny point. But is it a good one? Barrymore was over eighteen and already famous when she posed for the magazine—she was an adult deciding what kind of attention she wanted. That’s different from choosing clothes your older, wiser mother considers too adult (we need tween culture back!). Guess at the end of the day, moms gonna mom, kids gonna use it against them.

This isn’t the first time Barrymore has opened up about the not-so-positive reactions her Playboy shoot has received over the years from loved ones. Her E.T. director Steven Spielberg sent her a quilt and a note saying “cover up” after the issue hit the stands, and she responded by sending back pictures of herself in full nun garb captioned “I’m sorry,” and “I’ve seen the light.”

Still, she doesn’t seem to have any regrets. Aguilera compared Barrymore’s Playboy cover to her “chaps” era, and they agreed that they were both showing their bodies “for themselves,” with Barrymore saying, “I loved every minute of it.”

The “Genie in a Bottle” singer was able to give the Never Been Kissed star a solid tip about how to have those conversations with her daughter, by “mak[ing] it about other people” and how some have good intentions, but some don’t, so you just have to be aware of that when you get dressed.

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