Concerned fans of the princess were unhappy with Lively, who they believed used her caption to “make fun” of the royal scandal. While some users (including Hugh Jackman) responded positively to the post, others criticized the entrepreneur for “mocking a woman that is recovering from a surgery.”

“Cmon Blake, some class. The princess is clearly pretty sick, and you are trolling her? Not cool. Expected more from you,” one user wrote, while multiple fans of the Gossip Girl star told her they were “disappointed” by the post.

“Wow so disgusting,” one user replied. “I was a fan, this is not how women lift other women up…do better Blake.”

While one commenter pointed out that Middleton is far from the only celebrity to be accused of photoshopping an image, another suggested Lively’s post actually targeted the Wales family’s PR team, and not the princess herself. “There’s no way Kate did the photoshopping nor typed up the response saying she did it,” they replied. “Blake is mocking the Royal PR firm, not Kate.”

Either way, Blake Lively is probably better off keeping her aim on Ryan Reynolds. Those jokes are always funny.

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