Beyoncé’s influence on culture continues to extend well beyond the music industry since the release of her new album, Cowboy Carter. Her latest work is a tribute to country, rewritten on her own terms, and celebrates the country western aesthetic that accompanies it. For the Texas-born artist, her relationship with music is as close as it is with fashion, and when it comes to the evolution of her image—with a cowboy hat featured in most of her looks since the last Grammy Awards—no detail is fortuitous.

The singer with the most Grammys in history had already given hints that she “wasn’t born a cowgirl, but became one” growing up in Houston and regularly attending the famous Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show, as explained in her interview with W Magazine. And in a final jolt to the “quiet luxury” trend, which has dominated the last few seasons of runways and celebrity street style, she confirms that she has enough authority to modify the codes of clean lines and sophistication, giving way to the birth of the “cowboy quiet luxury” aesthetic.

She made this clear in a Ferragamo suit, with a wool trench coat worn over a double-breasted V-neck jacket, satin cotton shirt, and mid-waist pants with a folded hem.

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The singer-songwriter and producer didn’t wear an outfit with just any random look from Ferragamo’s spring-summer 2023 season, but the first outfit that came out for designer Maximilian Davis ‘ debut runway show, modeled by Mona Tougaard. Although she wore the same beige boots, Beyoncé added her personal touch with the cowboy hat and accessories worthy of Cowboy Carter. She added contrast with a black bag and sunglasses—a look that echoes the proposals seen in Pharrell Williams’ debut at Louis Vuitton’s men’s division.

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