Is Adidas planning to release a “sneaker” that’s essentially a shoe box with a large cutout for your feet? It appears so, with the Box Shoe now loaded on the Confirmed app.

According to the product description, the Box Shoe was created to blur the lines between the product and packaging. This “sneaker” is essentially a traditional blue Adidas box that features perforations with thick shoelaces at the forefoot. There’s also a flap at the midfoot where you can secure your feet into the footwear. Clot founder and Adidas collaborator Edison Chen also shared campaign images of the Box Shoe, however there’s no indication of his label’s involvement with the release.

It’s worth noting that given how close we are to April Fool’s Day, it’s possible that the Adidas Shoe Box is the brand’s way of celebrating the “holiday” this year. Check back soon to Complex Sneakers for official updates on the Box Shoe.

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