When it comes to the best sustainable mattress, the name you will hear first is Avocado Green. The popular brand makes mattresses with certified organic materials, including organic latex, organic wool, and organic cotton. The eco-friendly latex offers firm, long-lasting support (read: no sagging), while the antimicrobial wool wicks away moisture and provides temperature control (hello, hot sleepers).

In addition, the mattress’s covers are made with premium, certified organic cotton that’s soft, breathable, and cozy. As for firmness, this mattress offers just the right amount of support, thanks to 1,438 steel coils strategically arranged in five distinct ergonomic zones. Basically, they’re designed to support and adjust to your body, so you can find optimal comfort.

Plus, you won’t sink into the middle, as you might’ve on your old crappy mattress. As for the specs, it’s 11 inches thick, it has two upholstered handles on both sides in case you need to move it around, and it’s nontoxic. It even comes with a one-year trial (which is pretty generous), as well as a 25-year warranty. Not too bad, eh?

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