We slept on a ton of mattresses, talked to professionals, and combed through other reviews on the internet. You can trust our recommendations or strike out on your own, but it’s helpful to understand what we looked for specifically.

Support – At the end of the day, back pain is all about support for the spine and the muscles around it. A good mattress is one that supports you.

Trial – More than with any type of mattress, you need to try a mattress for back pain. If you like soft or firm, you can determine that on the internet. But, a mattress for back pain is a big deal. Try a mattress in-store if you can, and try it in your home for a few weeks after that. Everyone is different, so you need to know what works for you.

Sleep styles – If you’re a back sleeper, most mattresses work for you. If you’re a side sleeper, something on the softer side will be the most comfortable. If you’re a stomach sleeper, harder is better. Within those categories, you can look for something that helps your back pain.

What causes your back pain – The needs of someone with sever scoliosis will differ from someone who gets sore lower back muscles from sitting all day or another person who slipped a disc a few years ago. Talk to a doctor about your specific back pain issue and what you need to help it.

That said, the general need is support. When you have back pain, no matter what kind, you want to support the spine and all the muscles around it.

What will help your back pain – Like we said, we can’t diagnose you here. These six mattresses are amazing for back pain, but a doctor can help you determine what is causing your exact pain and how to go about fixing it in the long term.

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