We love Rad Power Bikes, if you can’t tell. They make simply the coolest E-bikes we’ve seen, with one of the best ecosystems of any bike company out there. While the RadMission is a great city bike, the RadRunner is practically a motorcycle (but far less dangerous because, well, it’s still an E-bike). This thing has huge terrain tires, a sturdy frame, and so much room for crates and accessories. If you’re someone who lives miles away from work, this guy will get you there without you needing to break a sweat. Couple its long battery life with its accessories, and it has no problem with late-night riding. Even if you’re a guy who’d drive to a neighbor’s house, you’ll find yourself riding it to get to work every day, rain, snow, or whatever. It’s also ideal for delivery drivers. The bike gives you the freedom of short-distance driving, a perfect beast for anyone who’d rather not Uber three to seven miles.

Type: cargo e-bike

Best for: commuting, cruising, light off-road riding

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