Even if your love language doesn’t involve giving gifts, any of the best flower delivery services can go the extra mile to ensure that your Valentine feels appreciated when February 14 rolls around (a day that’s way more fraught with expectation than it should be). When in doubt, a well-curated flower assortment can eliminate the anxiety of going off-script with someone you don’t know all that well, and contactless ordering online can can make zeroing in on that extra large, sustainable, and artfully-arranged bouquet for your grand gesture a total cinch.

The Best Flower Delivery Services Shopping Guide

There are, of course, pros and cons to the below. Some are high on taste and price, some have a very limited delivery radius but are there when you need them (like, say, Feb 14th). Others don’t even sell living flowers, but pre-potted plants and alternative Valentine’s Day bouquets instead—like long-lasting dried and preserved flower arrangements. There are even some companies that are dedicated to the art of growing roses, and others that come with goodies like candles to pad out your gift box. But that’s why we’ve rounded up 11 options–if one doesn’t work, maybe the other 10 will.

Here are some of the best flower delivery services for you to consider this Valentine’s Day, along with a helpful breakdown on what each service is known for and the absolute dead-last day you can order your arrangement. Things will start getting snapped up pretty quickly ahead of time so make sure you secure yours ahead of time so you’re not rocking up to the pre-fixe dinner empty-handed.

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