Thousand makes a helmet that marries vintage aesthetics with modern safety tech. You get the Mips Safety System, designed to offer superior protection against rotational forces, without compromising on a cool, classic look.

The thirty-lumen magnetic taillight keeps you visible and safe from dusk until dawn, and it can be used on your helmet or bike with a handy multi-use adapter. The premium visors shield your eyes and enhance your field of vision. And, the helmet is available in finishes ranging from hand-painted tortoiseshell to sleek matte black and shimmering metallic rose gold.

But the true secret lies in the PopLock, a discreet yet secure method of locking your helmet with your bike. The dial fit system, one-handed magnetic fastener, and nylon straps are great for adjustments on the fly. Active ventilation keeps you cool, channeling air through eight vents while maintaining a lightweight profile.

Certified to meet U.S. CPSC and CE standards, this helmet doesn’t just look the part—it plays it. No matter if you’re cruising city streets or exploring country roads, this vintage-inspired helmet is a testament to timeless design fused with contemporary protection.

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