It’s easy to tell when a couple is truly in love, because they cannot stop bringing one another up, unprompted, in every conversation. Exhibit A: Zendaya and Tom Holland.

In a BuzzFeed interview to promote Dune: Part Two, Zendaya was asked who in the Dune cast has the most rizz. First, Z jokingly responded that it was herself, “Hello,” but then decided that the person who best exemplifies what the kids describe as “rizz” was her boyfriend, Holland. Who is not actually in Dune.

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“I think someone who has beautiful charisma, not on the Dune cast, but…works for me, is Mr. Tom Holland,” Zendaya said, with a handful of puppy. “I’m more shy and kind of quiet, so it takes a little bit more to pull me out of my shell. But he’s great at just talking to people and getting to know people. Like, you see him on talk shows and stuff like that, he’s just naturally very good at that.” She continued that while she has to “pull that out” of herself, “He’s got that natural gift.”

Holland, meanwhile, can’t stop bringing up Zendaya in interviews either. In a July 2023 appearance on the Smartless podcast, for instance, Holland was asked about being a role model and he responded by talking about Zendaya. “I’m lucky that I have someone like Zendaya in my life,” the Spider-Man star said, per Business Insider. On the red carpet in January, Holland was asked whether he ever watches his own movies and his answer was, again: Zendaya. “Zendaya and I will, every now and then, watch Spider-Man 1 and reminisce about being 19 and making those movies again,” he told Extra. “I love those movies, and I love savoring those moments, so I try not to watch them as often as I would maybe like to because it’s so special. It’s such a luxury, such a gift to be able to sit down and sort of relive your youth.”

This couple must be protected at all costs.

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