A new Lunar New Year-themed Nike Kobe 5 colorway is reportedly on the horizon and is expected to touch down just in time for the holiday’s observance in 2025.

According to the newly leaked info shared by @zSneakerheadz, @Brandon1an, and @Sneakermarketro on Instagram, the purported “Year of the Mamba” Kobe 5 Protro references Kobe Bryant’s “Black Mamba” moniker and celebrates the snake being next year’s zodiac animal.

There are no leaked images of the shoe at the time of writing but based on the mockup provided, a snake graphic will cover the majority of the red upper. The shoe is also expected to feature gold accents at the toe and heel counter, while a black outsole appears underneath.

According to the leaker accounts, the “Year of the Mamba” Kobe 5 Protro will land in Spring 2025, but a firm release date has yet to be confirmed by Nike.

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