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I want to keep up the reminders that this is an incredible twelve months with the cards and stars stacked in your favor. Make the most of every thought, action, opportunity, and then some. It’s your chance to learn, teach, expand, actuate an idea, dream, or potential. Perhaps something big like a move, a degree, a business, or a book. Next year there’s a follow-up that you can leverage this year’s growth with, so take it as far as you can and make sure it’s something you really believe in so it’s sustainable. Self-belief is key, as is maximizing the spirit of generosity around sharing ideas, information, writing, speaking, learning, and teaching. This week, take stock of your values, income, and budget. You do you and remain consistent, within the general Gemini variability you’re known for, and things will pan out and pay off.

Weekly Horoscope June 23 to June 29 2024
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The solar ray of confidence is yours, so don’t be shy. Give that (fill in the blank) a try! You are a receptive and sensitive sign. Even if that hard shell doesn’t always show it, your eyes certainly do, and we can all feel it. While the light of the universe is in your sign, along with curious Mercury and love-bomb Venus, dissolve barriers between where you are now, and what you want. Let yourself push out, shine, go for it, attach, and know others want the best for you. With that positive mindset, you’re more likely to succeed and enjoy the process. This is a brilliant time to update headshots, personal branding, add to your wardrobe, or generally show up and be counted. Pitch for what you want and expand a portion of your world.

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