Your weekly horoscope is here. Lights, camera, Drama-Rama! The full moon peaks in theatrical Leo on Thursday. This vibrant energy is perfect for hosting a party, celebrating achievements, or simply because you can. Channel your energy into dancing, try a TikTok routine, nominate friends to join you, showcase your talents, or explore your artistic side. PSA: counter the urge to overdo it.

Venus, the planet of desire, is switching up the look of love as it shifts into business mode. Over the next month, maturity and a concise elevator pitch will be your tickets to success. This is your ‘dress for the job you want’ moment. Take a cue from the wise words of drag-preneur RuPaul, “Wear a suit… put yourself together, people respond to it.” Now, go seize the day!

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of January 21 through January 27, 2024.


With Venus heading into your career sector this week, a tense angle forms between your personal self-expression and longer-term commitment goals until Feb 16. Make time for both. At the moment, your professional or public-facing persona isn’t cut from the same cloth as your personal self-expression, so don’t give preference to one; share yourself between competing needs. Don’t feel compelled to bring your whole self, focus on the facet that serves you best in a particular environment. Use this month to sharpen up your image and show the world what you’ve got. With the full moon in Leo sending good vibes only, expect an upbeat surge of energy toward Thursday. Plan for a presentation, dance Friday night away, or head out on a fabulous date while your leisure and romance sector are lit by la Luna.

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Lovely Venus, your ruling planet, clips into Capricorn on Tuesday, sending a positive flow to your sign. All things beauty, money, values, resources, and perhaps a love interest are on the menu and at your disposal. So, scan for opportunities and make your own while the charm factor is at your behest. Thursday’s full moon sets up a challenge. At this point, you may have to lay down the tools in order to have some fun. In the sign of Leo, creative self-expression, enjoying the arts, showing off your own talent, or leadership are all themes you may need to step up and into. You like to keep the peace, but the lion will roar when it needs to. Are you prepared to stand your ground and let your personal needs be known? This week may give you ample opportunity.

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