Your weekly horoscope is here. It’s not quite the Age of Aquarius, but it is Aquarius season from Saturday as the sun and much-hyped Pluto orbit into the sign of the water bearer. The Age of Aquarius won’t arrive in our lifetime, although we’re clearly catching early indicators (so much tech!). For this week, enjoy the last days of punctual, pragmatic, and ever-pressing-toward-successful-material-outcomes Capricorn season. Embrace pride and enthusiasm in your steps toward securing financial independence, building expertise over time, and leadership. That’s what this archetype is all about and why you have 12 major archetypes to draw from for a well-rounded life. Think like a perfumer and concoct your personal blend; a base note of Millennial Girl-Boss, a drop of tough-but-fair, with a top note of all-eyes-on-me. Come up with three concepts you’d like to dial up and express them throughout your day.

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of January 14 through January 21, 2024.


As the moon revs through your sign Tuesday & Wednesday, utilize the enterprising mood and attack a job you’ve been ignoring, ignite the fuse on a project, or challenge yourself physically. This is competitive go-getter energy with a practical bent. Whatever you’ve been considering, intending, or planning, put your foot on the gas and drive it out of the garage, onto the freeway. As this is the last week of Capricorn season, it’s all about practicality, so road test ideas. Last week’s new moon swings up to a quarter-moon phase as it travels through Aries, so tease out rough spots and jettison what you won’t be taking on the journey. Saturday the sun talks its way into group-oriented Aquarius, and into your social sphere of extended friendship circles, peers, and people with a common interest or purpose. If you’re the linchpin, then embrace your leadership role, or place yourself in one for the good of a cause you believe in.

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Lover of all things that delight the senses, Taurus, la luna is gliding through your sign Thursday to early Saturday so make the most of the lush yet practical emphasis on the earth element and enjoy the bounty that surrounds you. Gratitude for your favorite things, experiences, people, and the way you feel, no matter how simple or extravagant, invites more in. It messages positive signals to your chemical reward factory to send more feel-good concoctions down the line. Saturday, the sun switches signs, embarking on its Aquarian edition of solar-powered self-expression. This position challenges your love of tranquility with a call to arms. Standing up for what you believe in for the good of the collective or group in your career or public image sphere is on the cards. What have you been silent on? Is it time to throw your hat in the ring on a topical issue, stand up for a cause at work, or represent as a force for good with your calm persistence.

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