Your weekly horoscope is here. Happy Winter Solstice! We’ve made it to the longest night of the year, so the only way is up from here! That means Capricorn season begins on Thursday. Switch on a pragmatic mindset, swirl in the finest family or cultural traditions mixed with a modern update, and shake for a perfect pour. As the Mercury retrograde loops back, pick up on positivity and remind yourself to look for the best outcomes. Long-range planning with practicality and positivity is a great way to look beyond winter’s chilly landscape.

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of December 17 through December 23, 2023.


It may be the holiday season, but winter solstice lights up your career and public image sector this week, keeping the fires burning over the next month. Challenge yourself to a new professional status and visibility level, and balance with healthy boundaries. Consult a superior, find a mentor, or consider stepping into leadership for those following in your footsteps. This month sets up a dynamic tension that, if used constructively, can power you to step up a rung or kick a vocational goal. As Mercury, the planet of communication, swings back into your sphere of big ideas and unbounded connectivity, where could you benefit by retracing your steps and picking up inspiration or education?

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This week, your philosophy, education, and travel sphere lights up with the Winter solstice. Open up your conversations to include big-picture perspectives for a new view on an old topic or way of thinking. You may shine by passing on some of your hard-earned wisdom through formal or informal teaching. Ready to commit to a formal qualification? Do your research now. As the planet of communication swings back into your sphere of sex, intimacy, and benefits through others, note a message or messenger that comes your way. Perhaps you’ve overlooked someone or something you’re ready to revisit. With retrogrades, the motto is to reflect, review, revise, and course-correct. Reevaluate for a positive spin on something that may need an optimistic and growth mindset.

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