Your weekly horoscope is here. Gear up for full moon vibes this Tuesday as la Luna shines big and bold in magnetic Scorpio. Balance head and heart, material and metaphysical. Get your piece of the pie and share it too. These moonbeams call for your ability to merge resources in one area of your life while maintaining your personal assets in another. Intense is an understatement; avoid power struggles while not just rolling over and giving in either. Direct your forces into a worthy and challenging project! It’s sexy, mystical, and promises a deep emotional purge and transformation if you’re willing to confront your deepest desires. Mercury wraps up its latest retrograde on Thursday, so that new start; it’s all systems go on that new venture, idea, or fresh mindset. Take the initiative and pitch or reach out with confidence in yourself and your ideas.

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of April 21 through April 27, 2024.


As a great believer in yourself, ideas, and abilities, or at least not one to question them as much as other ordinary folks do, Mercury’s retrograde might have been a welcome respite from full-go-and-conquer life mode. After three weeks in your sign, it about-faces on Thursday, resuming business as usual in direct motion. While technically it’s all an optical illusion from our vantage point here on Earth, it does tend to match up with our experience here. So for you, dear Aries, where and how have you rebooted, folded back and reviewed, or course-corrected? Has it been a personal outlook, your appearance, a way of thinking or communicating, or a project? Reflect (or skip that step as a self- respecting spontaneous Aries)  so you’re clearer on the way forward for something you’ve freshly minted then make like Mercury and go boldly forth!

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While the current skies are smiling on you remember, there’s no price for thinking big! Cue the Spice Girls song ‘So tell me what you want what you really really want!’ Most people talk themselves back down to ‘reality’. Meaning they’re going to stay in their comfort zone just because that’s all they’ve known so far. This is your time for change, so make it and take it! The full moon opposite your sign on Tuesday is a whopper, so go all in with the extra hot and spicy sauce. It’s intense, suggesting a one-on-one steamy attraction or face-off; make your choices and don’t get hooked by the drama. Private full moon party for two?? Mercury spins directly in your Zen zone on Thursday; drop any self-defeating beliefs, thoughts, or self-talk. Instead, prime your mind for positivity!

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