Does it feel, at least a little bit, like there’s a new contender for most stylish sports league in town? On first blush, of course, the NBA still reigns supreme. But lately it’s been feeling like the NFL is making a charge, stylewise, with large swaths of each team’s 53-man roster seemingly dressing for success. Just look at this weekend’s conference championship games: star Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith showed up to his team’s game against the Chiefs wearing a one-of-one Bode fit—including a pair of still-just-a-rumor Bode x Nike Astro Grabbers. It’s enough to make you wonder: who’s the most stylish player in the NFL?

We’re here to help. Just like we did last year, GQ Sports is giving you the chance to pick the NFL’s king of tunnel fits. But—befitting the league’s increasingly fashionable workforce—we’re kicking things up a notch: instead of 16 contenders, we’ve got 32.

Vote Now to Choose the NFL's Most Stylish Player

Everyone you could hope to see is here: Odell Beckham Jr., Justin Jefferson, Saquon Barkley, DeAndre Hopkins, Travis Kelce. (Everyone, that is, except for 2023 champ DeVonta Smith, whose crown keeps him on the sidelines this year.)

The league’s 32 strongest fit connoisseurs face off, starting now, in a weeklong competition to determine the league’s best-dressed player. Each round lasts for 24 hours. And it’ll all take place on GQ Sports’ Instagram. Cast your vote every day, check back here for updates, and stick around to see who hoists the GQ Most Stylish NFL Player trophy at the final whistle.

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