It’s really funny that you mentioned that you’re shy, because you have this immense star power on stage. What do you channel to get there?

When I’m about to start the show, I’m very nervous. Everyone has their phones out so any mistake that you make goes straight to the rest of the world who isn’t even at the show. So it seems like the stakes are high. But then when I get going, I enjoy it and I start to relax and have fun, and I’m able to be a character, an alter ego.

What would you call your alter ego—the Jaguar?

Actually, yeah. It’s one of the things I thought about when I was first beginning my show. In my sound design, there is a Jaguar purr and a little bit of a roar. And hearing that almost makes me crack my neck as if I’m about to go boxing, like, okay, Victoria, it’s game time. It puts me in the zone of the Jaguar, who is fearless and has this crazy bite and eye on the prize.

Who do you want to collaborate with next?

I would love to do something with Tyla. I love artists who dance, and I think there are a few in this generation who I feel like we could just kill something together and make a crazy visual with crazy dance scenes. I also want to collaborate with the legends. I want to have studio time with Beyoncé, Janet, and Sade if ever possible.

One thing I love about your music is that it’s timeless and classic, but also in the music videos, you have a lot of very funny internet memes. Do you feel this pressure to kind of go viral? What is your thought process in terms of making music that has replay value but also trying to reach a broader audience?

When I’m making music, I’m not thinking about that. My challenge is to just beat myself like, okay, can I be better than I was in the Jaguar era? Can I make something that I’m even more passionate about and dig deeper? Trying to think of it as grade school, it’s like, okay, so I graduated junior high and now I’m in high school so can I play differently?

I want to be able to take my time and not feel the pressure from the outside to produce as if I’m a machine, like having an album per year. Within a couple of months, I want to be able to live life, so I have great and interesting things to write about. Also, sonically take my time to make sure that there’s growth between the two projects.

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