Jordan Brand has delivered the University of North Carolina Tar Heels basketball team a special pair of sneakers for today’s game against the Syracuse Orange. The canvas of choice is Luka Dončić’s second signature sneaker, the Jordan Luka 2, which has been treated to an eye-catching makeover unlike any other UNC Jordans.

A departure from the University Blue-laden designs we’ve grown accustomed to, the “Origin Story” PE leans heavily into storytelling, taking inspiration from North Carolina’s turpentine industry and the concept of pine sap and needles being stuck to the shoes worn by its workers. The shoe’s bright green base is an exaggerated representation of sap. while needle-like detailing can be found on logo hits throughout. For sticklers, ‘true’ UNC colors are displayed on the tongue, lining, and upper eyelets.

The unfortunate news for those who fancy the “Origin Story” Luka 2 is that it’s exclusive to the Tar Heels and will not be released for public consumption. Several other colorways are available now at and Jordan retailers.

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