Military is where we differ. I am not an ex-Marine. I’ve never done tours. I’ve only heard stories. And Navarro has a quick trigger. I have a trigger and I’m a hot hothead, but Lord Almighty, she has no hesitation. I’m a Virgo, where things compartmentalize, and I made Navarro a Scorpio. I’m a Scorpio rising, so I understand it, but I don’t be acting like she does.

I love that you made her a Scorpio.

11/11 is the birthday. She’s a Scorpio.

You’re also a world champion boxer. Do you remember the first fight you ever won in your life?

I won my first fight, but I remember the first title I won. That was the most significant one. I fought in Bermuda against somebody that was originally from Bermuda for the IBA world title. It was during Native American Heritage Month. Historically, my people on that coast were taken as slaves from their land to Bermuda in a slave trade. So it was kind of ceremonial as far as going there, fighting, winning, and being able to take my ancestors back. That’s the most significant fight I’ve ever had.

What made you want to try acting? And do you see any similarities between the disciplines?

Acting wasn’t like, “I’m going to grow up and be in Hollywood. That’s what I want to do.” It was one of those things where in boxing, I’ve accomplished a lot, but acting was on my radar. It seems fun. Maybe I’ll be, I don’t know, an extra in a Gatorade commercial. But I put it out in the universe. I said, “If it’s meant to me, it’ll find me.” And a week to that day, the director-writer for [Catch the Fair One] reached out to me on Instagram.

It was like, “Have you ever thought about acting?” At first I’m like, “Here comes another weirdo with this movie that he wants me to be in.” Because I’ve gotten a lot of those like, “Hey, I got this movie,” but nothing ever panned out. He was very adamant on knowing it was an important story to tell, but it wasn’t his. So I just learned from him. Directorially, we created the story. He threw me into, like, we call it an acting bootcamp, for four days with the acting coach I still work with today. So that’s how I started, really. I didn’t even mean to. It just happened.

Is there anything from your boxing life that you use on set?

The endurance to do things repetitively, learn from the mistakes, do something better, try something new, take criticism, not taking it personal, trusting the people that see what you don’t see. It’s the same thing. If you want a good fight, you got to have a really good opponent. Having a good scene partner, being able to be on your toes and be present and adjust when needed. You can rehearse the scene and practice in the gym for a hundred days, but if something changes, you have to be able to think and adjust. You have to be prepared for everything.

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