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49 Photos From America That Show We’re Living In A Dystopian Nightmare



49 Photos That Show America Is A Dystopian Nightmare

Let’s start with a photo that basically sums up what it’s like in America right now.

There’s also, obviously, the gun crisis. Teachers are facing calls to carry guns in the classroom in the wake of numerous school shootings.

In fact, many solutions to end gun violence are being implemented — except, of course, banning guns.

Gas prices certainly aren’t the only problem — minimum wage is certainly another — but they’re pretty darn bad in the US right now.

They’re literally worse than the fictional apocalyptic levels from I Am Legend.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s so bad about student debt, this photo might clarify a few things for you.

Thousands of pounds of food are being rejected while people go hungry.

Billboards are saying that going to school and getting married will solve poverty.

Misinformation has gotten so bad that people need billboards to tell them that the COVID vaccine does not make you magnetic.

Corporations are asking 14-year-olds to work.

And paying them less than older teenagers.

College students are having to sell their plasma to buy books for school.

And if you can’t afford required books for your kids’ school, you may be sent to court.

People are awaiting life-saving medication from private companies.

And oftentimes, spending tens of thousands of dollars on it.

Or they’re depending on gift cards from friends to get their healthcare.

Hospitals are charging $10,000 for things that cost $10 in a store, like pregnancy tests.

Veterans are homeless.

And current soldiers are relying on donations to be able to call home instead of being provided this by the government.

In the wake of rising tuition, the government is also leaving many poor young people with no choice but to join the army.

We’re having to remind people to be civil to those wearing masks. You know, to prevent the spread of a deadly pandemic?

Celebrities are being consulted on serious political issues.

Grocery stores are running out of food during COVID spikes.

Many grocery stores have run out of baby formula.

And some people have decided to profit off of it.

Giant corporations are cashing in on movements to buy local.

They’re also joking about living in poverty.

And misusing famous quotes to fit their own purposes.

They’re also joking about rent prices.

And they’re putting out lots of feel-good messages to distract from the fact that they’re letting people die.

Employees are having to pretend they love their job.

Like, they’re not allowed to say they dislike their job on Twitter. Meanwhile, white supremacist groups are rallying online and sharing info on how to get guns.

Employers are calling you and your coworkers a family, then moving on pretty darn quickly if something happens to you.

Employers are punishing employees for using sick time.

Homeland security’s checking out leftists on Twitter, but not people on social media who post photos of killing animals and their assault rifles.

People are putting notes in the car windows begging people not to break in and leaving their glove compartment open to prove they have nothing to steal.

Public structures are built to keep homeless people off of them, even directly in front of signs encouraging helping homeless people.

But don’t worry, there are some good things! Employers are giving really significant gifts to their dedicated employees, like nurses who have worked through a global pandemic.

Some employees are even getting chips and soda! You can’t eat or drink them, they’re just for display, but still!!!!

And they’re making sure you have time to eat on the job!

Superyacht owners are more in tune with the climate crisis than ever before!

Good samaritans are helping strangers with exorbitant hospital parking fees people are having to pay just to see their dying relatives!

You can still buy food with EBT — just not hot food!

And don’t worry about missed wages during a hurricane — just come into work anyways!

Employers are reminding employees NOT to sexually harass their coworkers — because that would cost the company money!!!!

Water is being provided in parks!!! It’s not free, like it used to be, but it’s still water!

The Hilton was raising money for kids with leukemia…as long as you wrote them a positive review!

Businesses are also advertising just how much they care about all people — unless you’re a non-customer or homeless, that is.

And finally, companies worth billions are being kind enough to hold contests for $2 snack packs.


I Went To Morocco And Portugal For 10 Days With Only A Backpack And Small Carry On Bag…Here Are 15 Items That Made The Cut



This set includes a high quality plastic bag, four bottles (two different sizes), four jars (two different sizes), two spray bottles, two product spoons, one funnel, one cleaning brush, and one page of labels.

Before buying this I had just a hodgepodge of random travel size products and a bag that didn’t really fit any of it. I wanted to find a cohesive set, all of which actually had a place to go. Enter this guy. Not only is it all matching, but the variety of bottles, jars, and spray bottles is super convenient for all kinds of different products. The labels are also really helpful for making sure you don’t end up conditioning your hair with body wash. The bottles are incredibly easy to fill because the openings are super wide and you can easily pour directly from the full size bottle.

Promising review: “I absolutely love this travel set!! First of all it looks great, clean, classic. Not only does it come with bottles and jars and spray bottles, it also comes with a spoon, a funnel, a cleaning brush and a page of labels. They thought of everything. The larger bottles for shampoo etc, are made of silicone, so you can squeeze the product out. My favorite thing about this set is the size. It fits into luggage so easily.” —Funnymom

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

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17 Solo Travel Safety Tips By Women, For Women



17 Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone

I’ve cried on my couch while watching Eat, Pray, Love more times than I’m willing to publicly admit. Apart from inspiring me to sob alone in my apartment, it also inspires me to live my Julia Roberts dreams and travel alone. The only problem is that I’m SCARED. There’s no way I can comfortably eat, pray, or love on a trip unless I feel safe, protected, and relaxed.


“The best advice I’ve heard as a solo female traveler is if there aren’t local women out alone, you shouldn’t be either.”



“Take self-defense classes so you know how to look after yourself if the worst thing happens. You’ll feel more confident in yourself.”


“I take a tampon out of the applicator, roll up my cash, and put it in the empty applicator. I use my flat iron to reseal the wrapper. Someone may steal my wallet, but no one is stealing tampons.”



“Both Android and iPhones have safety SOS settings. You can configure them to call emergency services with options that you can do without even taking your phone out of your pocket and attracting attention.”


“If you feel uncomfortable around people when you get somewhere alone, you can make a ‘fake phone call.’ Say something like, ‘Can you open the door for me when I get the room?’ so no one knows that you’re alone.”



“If you’re looking to scare someone off, be unhinged. While walking or waiting for the bus, if I get a creep vibe, I stare intensely at something and talk to myself. The less sense it makes, the better.”


“I travel internationally by myself for work a few times a year, and when looking at hotels, I always do a run-through on Google street view of the surroundings so I’ll know what to expect. It helps to feel more comfortable somewhere new after I get the lay of the land.”



“Write down important phone numbers on pieces of paper and leave a copy in your hotel room, another on you, and another in each suitcase just in case you lose your phone and don’t have important contacts memorized.”


“Ignore people! A lot of the worst behavior I have experienced as a woman on my own comes from business owners who think a female tourist is an easy target for a flirtatious or aggressive sales tactic or men in bars or cafes who think that makes you an easy pick up. Most people with less-than-honorable intentions will back off if you really don’t engage with them!”



“Get a bag with a zipper! Makes it way harder for anyone to pickpocket you.”


“I’m single and when I went to Cape Town, I visited a local brewery. When a guy started to chat me up, I got a weird feeling…so I mentioned that my ‘wife’ was on her way over and pulled up my friend’s Instagram that has a ton of photos of me and her together and he immediately changed the conversation and tone with me from flirting.”



“Always share your location with anyone back home — no matter the time difference. It helps in emergencies to track your last known location.”


“Buy a door jammer for your hotel room! It fits perfectly in checked luggage and won’t take up any room in a car. It’s lightweight and could save your life. If you want to add another layer of safety, pack rubber door stoppers.”



“I always tell anyone I meet while solo traveling that I’m meeting up with friends later. It’s always better for people to think that you have someone who would immediately notice if something happened to you.”


“My friend’s aunt is ALWAYS traveling alone. If she stops at a hotel, especially if there are lurkers around, she always tells the person at the desk that she and some friends are there for a martial arts conference.”



“I only stay in hotels with doors on the inside (no cabanas, no cottages, no motels) so someone has to walk past an employee or a camera to get to my door.”


And finally, “Nothing wrong with carrying pepper spray.”


I can never get enough of these travel tips! It’s scary out there, so if there’s anything I can do to feel a little less anxious, I’ll do it. Let me know in the comments if you have more safety advice for women traveling alone!

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Shakira Has Been Accused Of Tax Evasion For A Second Time After Allegedly Failing To Pay $7.1 Million In Taxes



Shakira Accused Of Tax Evasion For A Second Time

For a second time, Shakira is facing tax evasion charges in Spain.

On Tuesday, the Associated Press obtained a statement from Spanish prosecutors accusing the iconic singer of failing to pay around $7.1 million (€6.7 million) in taxes on her income in the year 2018.

According to Reuters, Shakira — who is Columbian — failed to declare the profits from a $12.5 million advance payment she received for her El Dorado World Tour that year, as well as other payments. She’s being accused by prosecutors of using an offshore company located in a tax haven to get out of paying the tax.

Per the AP, the singer has been informed of the charges in Miami, where she currently lives with her two sons, 10-year-old Milan and 8-year-old Sasha, who she shares with her ex, Gerard Piqué. However, her legal team purportedly claimed that she wasn’t notified, and found out through the media.

The new charges come two months after a Spanish court announced that Shakira would be investigated for alleged fraud on personal income and wealth tax in 2018.

After these reports surfaced, a representative for the singer told People that she “defends having always acted in accordance with the law and under the advice of the best tax experts,” and “is confident that there will be a favorable resolution of her tax issues.”

Of course, this is not the first time Shakira has been caught up in tax fraud allegations. In November, she is expected to stand trial in a previous $15 million tax evasion case, in which she is accused of allegedly not paying taxes between the years 2012 and 2014.

For a bit of context, both of these legal disputes center around where Shakira officially lived in the years she is accused of evading tax.

In the first case, prosecutors argue that Shakira spent more than half of her time in Spain between 2012 and 2014, and therefore was obliged to pay taxes in the country.

They allege that the Barcelona property she and Piqué bought in 2012 was her official home. However, Shakira has disputed this and denied any wrongdoing, claiming instead that her primary residence was located in the Bahamas.

According to the AP, Shakira’s team alleged that she paid the Spanish Tax Agency the amount she was said to have owed, and has no outstanding debts.

After she reportedly rejected a settlement deal offered by prosecutors last year, the case will go to trial. If she is found guilty she could face a $24 million fine and a possible eight-year prison sentence.

As it stands, neither Shakira nor her team have commented on the new charges. BuzzFeed has reached out to a representative for Shakira for comment.

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