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23 Common Things Wedding Guests Do That Are Actually Super, Super Rude




“I’ve discovered that some people don’t really know the nuances of a dress code. But how can they, when many never had the opportunity to attend a formal gala or fundraiser events. Many have ‘prom’ as their point of reference. I knew that I’d be facing this during my wedding, and I wanted it to be black-tie. Even made booklets with examples of what that looks like — yet we had people show up in jeans or summer dresses. But there were a lot of other mishaps as well…”

We had people show up that I don’t ever remember inviting — we went from 75 guests to 150. Thankfully, there was so much food and liquor, but the guests also ended up packing a lot of it to go. My husband and I didn’t get a chance to eat and were literally so hungry by the end of the night, but there was no more food left at the end.

It was meant to be a wedding with no children, yet I ended up having two flowers girls, a ring bearer, and a whole pre-school of kids I’ve never even heard of. One guest snatched a few flowers off my bouquet and gave it to her daughter. Some older guests were very unhappy about the music, and one lady, threw a fit about us going to take a few portraits. But the best part of it all: By the end of the night, my husband crashed a U-Haul into my best friend’s truck, and I threw my ring across the giant venue.

We are now getting a divorce. I think weddings, especially the preparation part, can tell whether the couple will survive. My husband nor his family helped, and most guests were either his friends or family. And I am not talking about paying for stuff — I did it all by myself. A sh*t show.”



Tell Us About A TV Show That Started Off Weak, But Then Got Stronger With Each Season



Alright, those are my examples, so now I want to hear from you. What’s a TV show you’ve watched that started off weak, but then found its footing and transformed into something brilliant? Let me know in the comments and the best submissions will be used in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.

Also, don’t be shy to include any sort of TV show — I’m talking live-action, K-dramas, animation, anime — all that jazz. And even if I’ve already talked about the example you were thinking of, feel free to expand on it as I want your perspective.

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18 Unspoken Rules You Really Need To Know Before Staying In Hostels



Things To Know Before You Stay In A Hostel

If you’re travelling and trying to stick to a budget, there’s nothing better than a good hostel.

But if you’re new to the world of hostels, it can be a little daunting – there are certain unspoken rules that everyone mysteriously seems to know. So in one handy place, here’s everything to be across before starting your hostel journey.


Keep in mind that some hostels will charge you for a towel.


Private rooms are a good way to get used to hostel life.


Female-only dorms are super common!


Look for hostels that offer activities.


Don’t have sex when there are other people in the room.


Check the hostel’s location before you book.


You don’t really get to choose top or bottom bunk.


Some hostel beds are ~fancier~ than others.


Choose a dorm size that you’re comfortable with.


Don’t snooze your alarm for hours.


Avoid turning on the overhead lights when people are asleep in the morning.


And pack all your stuff up the night before an early departure.


Speaking of which, leave something on your bed when you go out for the day.


Book in advance if you’re travelling around an ~event~.


Bring earplugs and an eye mask.


Always read the reviews before booking a hostel.


And finally, bring your own pillowcase.

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The Man Suing Gwyneth Paltrow Over A Ski Crash Said She Hit Him From Behind, But Her Ski Instructor Said That Would Have Been “Impossible”



While on the witness stand, Sanderson testified that he was skiing down the right side of the run when he heard “a blood-curdling scream.”

“It was ahhh and then boom,” Sanderson said, smacking his hands together. “It was like somebody was out of control and going to hit a tree and was going to die.”

He said he then felt someone crash into his back sending him “absolutely flying.”

“All I saw was a whole lot of snow,” Sanderson said. “It’s quite a ways to hit the ground and I just said, OK, you got to protect your face and your head, and that’s the last thing I remember.”

He testified that he didn’t remember if he hit his head on the ground, saying that “everything” went black and all he could hear was the voice of a man who sounded angry with him. At first, Sanderson said he couldn’t make out what the man was saying but then heard the person tell him “you hit somebody, you hurt somebody.”

“Did you know who he was?” his attorney Kristin VanOrman asked.

“I had no idea,” Sanderson said. “It was just a very angry person bullying me into believing something that I didn’t think could happen.”

He said he remembered apologizing “to placate this guy” and said he was sorry twice. In his head, it sounded like he was whispering, Sanderson testified, saying that his lips were moving to make out, “I’m sorry,” but he couldn’t hear the words coming out of his mouth.

Paltrow testified last week that she cussed Sanderson out after she said he crashed into her back, causing the two to fall to the ground. On Monday, Sanderson testified that he didn’t hear her voice at all.

“I only heard a male voice,” he said. “I heard nothing that maybe happened before I came to that point in consciousness.”

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