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11 Holiday Spots That Are Giving European Summer But Don’t Take 24 Hours To Get To



It’s giving Athens, but it’s actually the Philippines.


Similan Islands, Thailand


Fortune Island, Philippines


Goa, India

Wikimedia Commons / Via, Flickr: Navin Sigamany / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: gimp

For a real party vibe, you’re going to want to head to Goa. Who needs Ibiza when you can enjoy Goa’s stunning coastline, pristine beaches and raucus nightlife for a fraction of the cost? Stay in the Fontainhas area for a hit of Portuguese culture, with brightly-coloured houses, blooming bougainvillaea and bars with excellent Latin music.


Sri Lanka

Flickr: Sergei Gussev / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: sergeigussev, Flickr: Pierre Le Bigot / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: plb75

If you want to escape Aussie winter for a bit, Sri Lanka should be near the top of your list. Galle, a city in the south-west, was built by Dutch settlers, so it has a distinctly European feel. Plus, the beaches are incredible and it’s a small enough island that you can see a lot — even if you’re there less than a week.


New Caledonia

New Caledonia Tourism / Via Creative Commons

New Caledonia is a French territory, so while you’re not technically in Europe, it’s still part of France. And you feel it when you’re there. The architecture, the food, the vibes, all just screams South of France…but with better beaches. 


Semeti Beach, Indonesia


Wellington, New Zealand


Khajjiar Lake, India

Flickr: Srinivasan G / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: srinig

A Swiss Alps trip would be nice, but if you don’t have the time or the cash to travel all the way to the other side of the world, India offers a surprisingly similar alternative. Khajjiar Lake is a stunning alpine paradise — warm in our wintertime and snow-covered in December and January. 


And finally, Phuket, Thailand

Dream Beach Club

If you’re after a beach club vibe — without having to fly to Mykonos — perhaps Thailand is more up your alley. You can fly directly to Phuket and park up at one of many luxurious beach clubs (Dream or Catch are two favourites), spending your day dancing in the pool, drinking in the sun and eating delicious Pad Thai. 

Where are your favourite international holiday spots around Australia? Let us know in the comments below!


42 Products That’ll Come In Handy Whether You Travel Once A Year Or Once A Week



Anne Cate is a woman-owned small business based in Cleveland, Ohio that handmakes minimalist keepsakes with a skyline from more than 100 cities and colleges around the world! 

The kit includes a hair tie, ChapStick, two floss pics, a sewing kit, bandages, emery board, two safety pins, two earring backs, a makeup wipe, two bobby pins, two mints, a deodorant wipe, a Shout wipe, a tampon, hand sanitizer, and Tylenol.

Promising review: “I got one for myself and one for my daughter. I love how compact this emergency kit is. It fits in any purse. I would suggest and recommend for anyone. I’m sure it will lighten a purse for many by condensing it into this one small emergency kit.” —Eileen M.

Get it from Anne Cate for $25 (available in 100+ skylines).

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The Cannes Film Festival Is Practically The New Met Gala, So I’m Curious What You Think Of These 40 Viral Looks



The 40 Most Viral Cannes Looks

There have been a number of *viral* looks out of the Cannes Film Festival this year.

There was this Irina Shayk see-through *moment.*

And everyone seems to have an opinion about this *interesting* Maya Hawke look.

Sooo, because Cannes fashion is a pretty big deal lately, I’m curious if you like these looks or think they’re just kind of fugly.

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31 Outdoor Home Items So Gorgeous, You’ll Wanna Move To Your Backyard



This set includes six 28″ Burlywood hardwood handles, six 8″ hardwood mallets with caps for added protection, two 18″ hardwood ending stakes, six 2.8″ weather-resistant molded balls, nine steel wickets with vinyl coating, and a nice bag to carry it all in.

Promising review:This croquet set is artfully made and really such a steal for the money you will pay! The sticks and mallets are all made out of durable hard wood and the mallets have a rubber sleeve that goes on each end to help protect the mallet from damage overtime. The balls are on the heavier side, as they should be. They are resistant to weather, so no need to pick them up if you didn’t finish your game, same with the wickets. All of this comes in a nice carrying case that can actually handle the weight of the set itself! The colors are vibrant so there will be no question which ball is yours and genuinely I do not feel like they will fade or lose their quality. I would absolutely buy this again!” —Dido

Get it from Amazon for $39.55+ (available in two colors).

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