Apparently, Taylor Swift fans don’t skip past ads—at least, not when they’re listening to the Travis Kelce’s podcast. You know how I know? Well, the latest episode of New Heights dropped in the early house of June 19, and fans are already debating Travis’ thoughts on weddings from the podcast’s ad for Zola.

During this sponsored portion of the podcast, Travis and Jason Kelce enlisted New Heights’ soon-to-be married producer Jake Chatzky to discuss the wedding planning process—and Travis made sure to stress that his friend’s opinions about the big day “don’t matter.”

“You don’t matter, Jake, I just want to let you know,” Travis joked, per one recording shared on “You don’t matter and none of your decisions should be made by you.”

While Jason, who’s been married for six years, argued that Jake should “have opinions on some of it,” his younger brother chimed back in to stress that they should be “reassuring opinions” only, adding, “just keep asking her what she wants.”

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been at the center of engagement rumors for months, with some fans believing the NFL player popped the question during a recent romantic boat trip in Lake Como, Italy. Kelce’s hairstylist is already fielding plus one requests and even Jason Sudeikis asked the football star about their future plans during a comedy sketch earlier this month.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that this new exchange immediately sparked a debate online. Many fans felt the tight end’s opinions were a bit too well-informed for someone who has never planned a wedding before. “Sure sounds like he’s very experienced,” one fan wrote on, while another deemed it “interesting” that Travis “has a lot of advice to give.”

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