On January 13, Kristin Juszczyk shared her design process on TikTok, also showing off the cropped version she made for Brittany Mahomes. Other Kristin Juszczyk originals made for Mahomes and Simone Biles have gone viral on the app as well, but her husband is truly Kristin’s number one fan.

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When asked what was going through his mind when Swift wore his wife’s coat during a locker room press conference, Kyle told reporters: “Just happiness, just appreciation, just so stoked for her because I know how hard she’s worked, how hard she grinded.” He also shared his excitement that Kristin’s big moment “merged” their “two different worlds.”

“The football world was interested in it, the fashion world, the Swifties,” he said. Of his own hype man activities, he added, “I just wanted to make sure she got proper credit because she put in the work and I felt like she deserved that.”

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Let’s just say the football world may have a new favorite HAB (husbands and boyfriends, let’s make it happen).

“In a world of Simone Biles’ husband (what’s his name?) be a Kyle Jusczyk,” one fan responded to the press conference, referencing Green Bay Packers player Jonathan Owens’ controversial podcast interview about his relationship with Biles. Another wrote, “I love when men realize their wife’s success does not minimize theirs. He looks so happy answering those questions.”

Even fans who didn’t know anything about Kyle Jusczyk before this moment are starting to swoon. “He’s giving a press conference about his wife’s achievements,” one TikTok user commented. “I don’t know a thing about him, but I really like how supportive & excited he is.”

Of course, the NFL took note as well. While Travis Kelce threw up some Taylor Swift heart hands during the Chiefs’ game against the Buffalo Bills on January 21, Kyle Jusczyk introduced scissor hands in honor of his wife while playing against the Green Bay Packers, per one video shared by the league’s official TikTok account.

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