If Taylor Swift can fly 6,000 miles from Tokyo to Las Vegas to watch Travis Kelce play in the Super Bowl, then Travis Kelce can fly the 8,000 miles from Los Angeles to Sydney to watch Taylor Swift perform in Australia. Now that Kelce has the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the bag (again), he has the time and resources to devote himself to being the best Taylor Swift boyfriend he can be, which, apparently, he is currently doing.

TMZ reported that Kelce boarded a private red-eye from LA to Hawaii on the night of February 20, then picked up the following morning to complete the journey to Australia. By the 22nd, he and Swift were on a date at the Sydney Zoo, where they were treated to a private tour, according to news.com.au. Apparently Swift enjoyed the zoo so much the first time she visited that she had to go again to show her boyfriend.

Less than a week after Super Bowl Sunday, Swift was in Melbourne, Australia, performing for a personal record crowd of 96,000 people. “This is the biggest show that we have done on this tour or any tour I have ever done,” she told the audience from on stage, per People. Because unlike the NFL, Taylor Swift season doesn’t ever end. Will Travis Kelce be in the audience at every performance? Who knows, but there are worse places to spend one’s time than the VIP section at the Eras Tour.

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