A TikTok user says she spent $180 on a set from Jaded London, then later realized that one of the pieces somehow carried a Shein tag.

The perplexing situation was alleged in a recent video from @emmasilverman4, who explained to her nearly 10,000 followers that she purchased the pieces in question from Jaded London and wore the resulting look amid 21st birthday celebrations.

“By the way, [I] rocked that shit. I looked bomb,” Silverman said in the video, seen above. “I got so many compliments. Just found it was from Shein. It’s from Shein!”

From there, Silverman showed the tags, noting that the Shein one was sewn onto the $83 top from her set.

“That’s insane,” she added. “It’s so good. I got so many compliments, like, looks great, right? I bought this from the damn website. I was waiting and waiting and waiting. It was out of stock. I was like, ‘Yes! It’s in stock in my size!’ I could have bought it on Shein for probably, like, 10 bucks. This is so annoying. Could someone explain this to me? Because I’m so confused.”

Complex has reached out to reps for Jaded London and Shein. This story may be updated.

In a comment left on Silverman’s page, the official Jaded London account said the brand has “no association with” Shein. The official account also shared additional comments in response to speculation and criticism, as seen in the screenshots below.

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