Yeah, I did already start messing around. But this record still has a lot of life left. We got some cool remixes coming. I’ve done some guest verses, and there were records that I hadn’t finished off this record, that I’m finishing. There were some new ideas that I’m getting down. So yeah, man, the work don’t stop. My intention is to be as polished as Biggie with the work ethic like Pac.

I can’t let you go before I ask you about one for the archives. As a big Jay fan, what do you remember about working on “Poppin’ Tags?”

So, I’m on the back of the tour bus. By then we know Dre’s not as excited by rapping anymore. Big [Boi] comes to the back of the bus. First of all, everybody in the Dungeon Family knows I’m a big East Coast hip-hop head. So Big comes in the back and says “Your boy just called. He wants you on the song.” I’m like, “My boy who?” He said, “That boy, Hov.” He told me the name of it and they were going to send it. I pulled out the Nextel, and I started writing the verse right then. Jay sends a car to get us, we’re going to meet him in the studio. I think we were at Baseline. And he was super cool, played us the track. I went home, I did my verse and sent that motherfucker right back. I was like, well, [my verse is] right behind Jay’s. I got to show up and show out.

And I remember after that, being at MTV, and Jay walked in. The whole company was running around behind him and I was like, I’m not going to speak because I don’t want to bother him. And he walked by and he saw me and he stopped me. He was like, “Yo, I just bought your album and you ain’t even going to speak to me?” Man, I was just like, Oh, shit. And ever since then, he’s just been one of the coolest human beings on earth. He gave me a lot of encouragement. He was the first person to hear the record. And he said to me, “This record is like me going to my cousin’s house and watching a movie. You go to your aunt’s house who lets you watch movies your mom won’t.”

But Jay’s always been good to me, man. Two years of making this record, they grew me up in so many ways. I’m very proud to be one half of Run The Jewels. I’m very proud to be Killer Mike and now known as Michael Render, who that kid is that created this badass swaggering MC. And I feel like this record is the start, not the end. This record is the start of the next 10 years for me. There were so many people that said, “Man, I just never gave Mike a chance. Damn, I’ve been asleep all these years.” It was just amazing to understand that, yeah, I’ve been overlooked, but I’m not playing B-team ball no more. I’m on varsity. So no matter what you say, when you talk about hip-hop this year, you got to talk about me. You got to talk about that album. And you got to understand more is coming, not less.

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