TL;DR? In interviews, I always ask celebrities: If you could only bring one beauty product to a desert island, which one would it be? Well, this one’s mine.

2. Ariana Yaptangco, senior beauty editor, wearing 30W

Courtesy of Ariana Yaptangco, senior beauty editor

Supergoop! Protec Daily SPF Tint SPF 50 Sunscreen Skin Tint

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much from the Protec(tint) coverage-wise, but I was impressed by how pigmented the formula is. It felt a little too sunscreen-y on my skin—which, duh, it has SPF 50—but if we’re gonna call it a skin tint, it has to feel like a skin tint. This felt like straight up sunscreen on my face, which is probably great for a beach day, but not something I’d prefer to use for everyday. That being said, you’ll definitely see me putting this on during the summer, when I want to look cute in my bikini. My shade, 30W Medium golden, was a pretty accurate match for my skin tone and wore well throughout the day.

3. Monique Wilson, editorial assistant, wearing 34C

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Courtesy of Monique Wilson, Glamour editorial assistant

Supergoop! Protec(tint) Daily SPF Tint SPF 50 Sunscreen Skin Tint

I wish the Protec(tint) had more coverage for everyday look, but it’s perfect for light coverage on the beach or for an active lifestyle. I also like that it looks and feels like a skin tint. I have a normal skin type, but I do have hyperpigmentation and acne scarring, so it’s important for me to have a product that provides a good base for further makeup application. It layers well with my usual concealers, highlighter, bronzer, and blush products, and wears well throughout the day.

This skin tint works well with my trusted products—I pair it with my Too Faced Born This Way to brighten and Fenty Beauty Hydrating Concealer to color correct—which makes it easy for it to join my daily routine. It also doesn’t doesn’t feel oily and is a good color match. I definitely recommend it!

4. Sam Reed, senior trending news and entertainment editor, wearing 24N

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Courtesy of Sam Reed, Glamour senior trending news and entertainment editor

Supergoop! Protec Daily SPF Tint SPF 50 Sunscreen Skin Tint

My skin has been through it in the last few years as I’ve tried to get my hormonal acne under control, so I have a lot of dark, purplish scars on my cheeks and jawline. This softened their appearance, but I would’ve appreciated a tad more coverage for a “one-and-done” product. I felt like I had to use quite a bit of product compared to other tints I’ve used in the past. It seems to absorb really quickly, so I needed a full nickel/quarter-size dollop of product to cover my whole face. The overall finish was really nice, though! A little dewy, without any greasy, sunscreen-y shine. The product stayed well throughout the day. It was a good base for my concealer, and the shade worked well for my skin, which has yellow undertones.

If I’m being honest, this product isn’t for me. I’d rather use a sheer sunscreen, followed by a tint, then follow this up with mountains of concealer. If a friend was looking for a combination sunscreen/tint, though, I’d recommend this and make sure they understand that the product will go pretty quickly given how much you have to use at once.

5. Andrea Navarro, commerce writer, wearing 24N

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Courtesy of Andrea Navarro, Glamour commerce writer

Supergoop! Protec Daily SPF Tint SPF 50 Sunscreen Skin Tint

This year I’m really trying to wear less foundation, but most tinted moisturizers and sunscreens don’t provide enough coverage for my problem areas. I love this new tinted SPF because it’s the closest I’ve found to match my skin tone thus far. Unlike many sunscreens, this doesn’t have a greasy finish, so I can wear it all day without any discomfort. If necessary, I’ll top it off with concealer and setting powder.

6. Leilani McQuay, commerce producer, wearing 22W

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Courtesy of Leilani McQuay, Glamour commerce producer


Supergoop! Protec(tint) Daily SPF Tint SPF 50 Sunscreen Skin Tint

As someone with oily, acne-prone skin, I tend to steer clear of heavy foundations. Skin tints are my go-to, and I think I’ve just found my new favorite. Initially, I was a bit hesitant about its thick formula, but once I blended it out, it was like magic. Smooth, weightless, and incredibly natural. The formula layers well without feeling heavy or sticky. I wore it all day and was still happy with the coverage by the end of the day. One thing to note: while it gives a slight dewy glow, it might be a bit much for oily skin types. Personally, I didn’t mind a bit of blotting here and there since I love a radiant finish.

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