“That’s the most random shoe somebody can ask for in brand-new condition with box and everything,” Malabanan says.

The ask for Mac Attacks makes a bit more sense now—with Nike prepping a retro for 2023, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect the brand to have gotten an early lead on fueling anticipation for the shoe. But the former Nike employee who helped Travis find the vintage pair at Rif insists that it wasn’t part of a marketing push, and was motivated instead by the artist’s genuine appreciation for the shoe.

Whether those moments of A-list Nike affiliates breaking out the Mac Attack affect the model’s retro success will be tested when the shoe returns next year. But Malabanan has already seen the trickle-down hype on the secondary market. Resale prices immediately went up. How many other people reached out to him to get a pair of Mac Attacks after Travis wore a pair publicly?

“Everybody,” Malabanan says.

UPDATE (06/14/23): Official images of the “Light Smoke Grey” Mac Attack retro have loaded on the backend of Nike’s website. As of now, the sneaker is scheduled to drop on June 23 for $120.

UPDATE (01/15/24): After making its much-anticipated return to retail last June, Nike has confirmed that the original “Light Smoke Grey” Mac Attack colorway is restocking on Jan. 26 via SNKRS for $120. Grab a closer look at the retro below.

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