Jennifer Lopez has a new song coming out, and a new look to match. In a teaser clip she posted ahead of the music video for her single, “Can’t Get Enough,” Lopez debuted shag curtain bangs that are both choppier and more dramatic than her usual side-swept style.

The short clip shows Lopez in closeup, while a man’s voice in the background can be heard complaining about a woman—presumably Lopez—muffled at first before becoming louder. Finally, Lopez snaps at the unseen man, “Why can’t you just be happy!” The look Lopez seems to be going for here is Chic Woman at the End of Her Marriage, which is something she would know a little about.

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The fringe reaches below JLo’s eyebrows and is framed by longer pieces along the sides of her face, giving the hair its ’70s shag look, with the rest pulled into a ponytail. In the clip, Lopez styles the bangs with her tried-and-true eye and lip liner makeup look, a colorful Gucci shirt, and glamorous gold jewelry.

Emotionally, this music video teaser is on the opposite end of the spectrum from the clip she posted a day earlier. That video depicted a jubilant wedding scene, with Jennifer Lopez shown in a gown with heart-shaped cutouts and dancing in the garden.

Not all loves are forever, but shaggy bangs can be.

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