It’s not often that renowned sneaker customizer Lorenzo Federici, better known as Lorenz.OG, releases his customs to the public, but he’s switching things up with these Nike Air Max 95s shown here.

To celebrate the launch of Lorenz.OG’s “AIR in Colour” exhibition that’s opening in London this weekend, the customizer is giving away 100 golden tickets that will give fans the opportunity to purchase these “Dusk” and “Volcano” Nike Air Max 95 customs at the exhibit. Both iterations of the Air Max 95 feature Lorenz.OG’s signature gradient details on the upper, with the “Dusk” pair donning a predominantly white makeup and the “Volcano” makeup coming in grey tones.

Not only will Lorenz.OG’s “AIR in Colour” exhibition showcase his newest “Dusk” and “Volcano” Air Max 95s, but it will also bring together several of his past designs, which are pictured below.

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