I do think some of them were kind of funny, the bullying aspect aside. The shoe has the nickname of the “Panda” and people were calling them the Panda Express or the Raccoons.
Yeah. I just, honestly, I just laugh at that stuff. And then, like I said, all these hateful comments are just growing my account and helping me out. They are not bothering me or anything. I don’t—I’m not humiliated by any of it.

Were you seeking out that alternative, or you just saw those at Walmart and realized that it was based on a Nike shoe?
Actually, I think, like, last year—I mean, it’s been a long time ago. These shoes have been at Walmart forever, and I have seen other influencers share them at the time. I just didn’t buy them because I thought, “Oh, there’s other things that I can spend money on”—you know, bills, or my kids, or whatever—and they just weren’t a necessity for me to have yet another pair of shoes, because I have a lot of them.

How many pairs?
I mean, I would say I probably have 15 to 20 pairs of shoes, and not all tennis shoes. But, like, everyone in my family has Hey Dudes, so I do buy the name-brand shoes. It was just those specific ones that I said, I don’t need the actual Nikes. I’m happy with these from Walmart.

And this wasn’t a thing of your kids asking you for Nike Dunks. I think that’s what a lot of people assumed.
Yeah, I know. Everyone just assumed that they were for my kids. No, they were for me. I put a story on there, and my 13-year-old daughter, she likes them, so she wore them to school. One of her best friends has the exact same shoe, but the actual Nike one, and they wore them. All her friends said, “Oh, those are cute.” They know me. I am a bargain shopper. So, I mean, no one bullied her. No one said, “Oh, those aren’t the real ones.”

Her best friend did not think any less of her. And I get that it does happen in schools, I’m not completely oblivious to that, but we live in a small town, and a lot of our town, no one has money. So not everyone’s going to be wearing name-brand shoes. So that’s just something people don’t care about. I asked my 10-year-old son, I said, “Have you seen bullying from kids at school?”

And he said, “Mom, kids don’t care what kind of shoes you wear.” But, like I said, we live in a small town. That’s not a priority. They don’t care about that here.

So you’d buy them all over again if given the chance, the Walmart shoes.
Yeah. And I’ll probably repost them again in the story. I mean, that was literally the point, to show a less expensive shoe. And Walmart now, they have, I think, five colors of them, and they have a hot-pink one. So I’m gonna buy that one, and I’m gonna make a post about that one.

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