The amateur lip readers of the internet had a busy night during the 2024 Golden Globes, trying to decipher what kind of tea, exactly, Selena Gomez was spilling to Taylor Swift and Keleigh Teller during a commercial break in a now viral clip. The leading theory is that Gomez was recounting asking Timothée Chalamet for a pic, and being summarily rejected for said pic by Kylie Jenner. And it only got more complicated from there.

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What’s the video?

In the first video circulating all over social media, Gomez approaches Swift and Keller’s table, and can be seen whispering something inaudible that causes both of the other women’s jaws to drop. In the second video, Keller appears to say, “with Timothée,” but it’s still not totally clear. Close followers of Gomez’s various online beefs will know that this may be significant because Jenner, who is dating Chalamet, is close to Hailey Bieber—with whom Gomez’s fans at least have long-running ill-will.

Did Selena Gomez respond?


The plot thickened when the celebrity gossip Twitter account Pop Crave posted (and later apparently deleted) an alleged response from Gomez. “i did not say shit, I’m sick of y’all, hop off my dick & stop overanalyzing every damn move of me without knowing. This is getting ridiculous? And wrong,” the account quoted Gomez, apparently citing a comment the Only Murders actor left on a CNN Instagram post about the gossip.

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