Are you doing three meals a day?

I love black coffee. I love my coffee. I carry my Mr. Coffee machine with me to the hotel. I have my grinder and my own beans and I make my coffee every morning. I take that in a little purse with me everywhere I go.

That’s hilarious and a lot to carry.

It’s true. And I made it this morning. It wasn’t as perfect as I have made in the past but I did.

What was wrong with this morning?

I used some beans that were already ground previously—they need to be fresh.

So, coffee. Then what?

I eat for the first time in the middle of the day for lunch. And then dinner is usually 6:30—I don’t like to eat too late.

What do you do if you are at a restaurant or have to break away from the lunch box for whatever reason?

At a restaurant, I’ll get a great fresh fish. I also love kombucha. I keep that with me all the time, which is a treat. It’s healthy. It’s good for you. But it’s also a little sweetness. So I look forward to my Health-Ade Kombucha.

What are you doing if your energy drops and you need a quick pick-me-up?

If I need to get some energy, and it’s gonna be a long day, I will take a walk. Sometimes I’ll travel with my dog, she’s an English black lab named Georgia. She’s a good traveler—a good traveling companion with me. And so sometimes when I need a breather or break, we’ll just take a quick walk. That just grounds you and settles you and gives you a good reset, but I find that pets help.

When are you working out?

My workouts rotate, but I do keep them pretty strict. So when I do my schedule for the week or the month, I sit and look at what hour I can take for myself to exercise I find that if I don’t do that for two days, I get out of my case and it’s hard to gear back up.

What kinds of workouts are you doing?

A lot of jumping. So I’ll do weights, I’ll do cardio, and I’ll do jumping on boxes.

We were just shooting in Nashville for American Idol, and I just brought some things along in a suitcase that I could do in the room. I brought bands—but just as long as I do something.

Between the coffee machine and the workout equipment—how big is the suitcase?

It’s a lot of bags. Unfortunately, there are just too many bags.

What are you doing weight-wise?

What I like to do is I’ll take two dumbbells, you know, whatever weight I can manage, and I’ll do a curl and then I’ll put those up over my head. That helps us with my abs and my obliques. And at my age, you want to try and maintain that tightness as much as possible.

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