In 2023, Barbie changed the game for press tours as fashion events. In 2024, Dune: Part Two said, “hold my beer” (or whatever they imbibe on Arrakis).

Now that the movie is coming out and the promo cycle is wrapping up, let’s look back at the absolute fashion feast that it was.

The main course that was served was the ever-serving Zendaya, paired with a Timothée Chalamet wine to enhance all the flavors, a refreshing Lea Seydoux side salad, a Florence Pugh dessert, and just when you think the meal is over, a delicious chocolate truffle shaped like Rebecca Ferguson comes with the bill. Couture fans, we are eating, we have been fed.

Herewith, the best, bestest, and even bester looks from the cast of Dune: Part Two.

Best makeup moment: Florence Pugh

Dimitrios Kambouris

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