We dedicate an ample amount of time to surfacing the latest menswear (this is GQ we’re talking about)—but we’re also always tracking down the coolest, design-iest, likely-to-sell-out-iest new stuff in home goods, grooming, and tech. Leave it us to help you find the sickest drops out there, from gadget advancements to limited-edition collabs. Here’s what actually has our fingers tapping add-to-cart this month.

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Seth Rogen-Approved Coffee: Houseplant x Cometeer

Cometeer’s flash-frozen coffee is the laziest way to get delicious coffee without dedicating half your counter space to an at-home coffee setup. The brand packs its concentrated brews in a pod that you dilute with water to create a regular cup of Joe—and now Seth Rogen’s weed-loving lifestyle brand Houseplant has teamed up to create two new brews: a dark roast and a light roast. Either should work well as part of a balanced wake and bake.

For Brain Power: Moon Juice Mini Dew

Moon Juice

Mini Dew Electrolyte Powder

Moon Juice’s latest dissolvable supplement is for all of you who aren’t drinking as much water as you should be. The brand took its Mini Dew powder, once only available in a watermelon flavor, and cooked up a pomelo option. New, zingier flavor, but all the same purported benefits: support for collagen production (shoutout to joint health), plenty of vitamins and minerals, and, you know, delicious water. All of which should help you feel like your best, most hydrated self.

For the Chronic Water Drinker: Owala FreeSip Twist

Cult followings around beverage containers are in full swing, thanks in part to the Stanley cup hype. Owala has a similar hype train behind it because of its innovative spout that lets you sip or chug. Its latest release slims down the OG bottle design so it slips more easily into a bag without leaving you high and dry midday.

The Newbie Runner’s Smartwatch: Garmin Forerunner 165

When it comes to fitness trackers, Garmin’s extremely broad line of Forerunners give runners (duh) all the info they need to crush their goals. The newest addition to the collection is the Forerunner 165, a more affordable option for the masses crushing daily park runs and 10Ks. It has 11 days of battery life plus daily suggested workouts that take into account your body’s recovery state, so you can push yourself to be better without pushing yourself over the edge.

For Wet Weather Wanderers: Outerknown Cloudburst Rain Jacket

Outerknown is best know for its surf gear, like its very impressive swim trunks, but we’re glad the brand’s expanding on its outdoor love by releasing its first all-weather rain jacket. The Cloudburst is made with recycled PET and offers some serious protection against the most brutal downpours. There’s always tomorrow’s dawn patrol.

A Cut Above: Schmidt Brothers Artisan Series 7-Piece Knife Block Set

Schmidt Brothers

Artisan Series 7-Piece Knife Block Set

In the world of chef’s knives, Schmidt Bros. is a name to know. Its new Artisan series of blades includes this seven-piece set: each knife is made of Damascus steel (known for its sharpness, edge retention, and durability), plus you get the showoff stand and sharpener. Grab it if you’re looking to hone your chef skills. (Perfect-fitting white t-shirt not included.)

For Speed Racers: Hoka Cielo 1

Hoka is a running shoe brand with a rep for putting comfy clouds on your feet—but the beefy-soled brand does make some serious racers. Like, say, the new Cielo X1. Hoka put all its R&D into one thing: speed. There’s a carbon plate tucked inside the denser, aggressively rockered sole, in an overall lighter shoe than the rest of the brand’s lineup. If you’re a Hoka devotee looking for an edge or just trying to crack open a new PR, lace these up and you’ll likely find yourself soaring to the finish line faster than ever.

The WFH Upgrade: Branch Daily Desk

If your “home office” is still a piece of furniture that you also eat dinner on or watch TV from, please do yourself and your aching spine a favor by investing in a real desk. “Invest” is even a strong word: Branch is turning out clean, handsome home-office furniture at, well, Hoka sneaker prices. The Daily Desk ships flat, assembles in almost no time, and won’t dominate your apartment or that spare bedroom with the futon and your dumbbells. Once you’ve hit “order” on the desk, get the right office chair and watch your productivity increase 10-fold.

Smell-Good Artist Merch: Boy Smells x Kacey Musgraves Deeper Well Candle

Boy Smells x Kacey Musgraves

Deeper Well Scented Candle

Kacey Musgraves released a new single this month and because this is 2024, it’s accompanied by a candle from one of our (and Kacey’s) favorite brands, Boy Smells. Deeper Well—the name of the candle, Musgraves’ new single, and her upcoming album—has aromas of oakmoss, raspberry, sage, and (judging by the song’s lyrics) a blossoming sense of self-love.

The Better Night’s Sleep: Thuma Bedding


Complete Linen Bedding Set


Cotton Percale Duvet Cover

Since releasing its jigsaw-puzzle-like bed frame, Thuma’s been pumping out a consistent stream of bedroom furniture (like these nice side tables it dropped last month). Now the brand wants to deliver the soft stuff, too. From sheet sets to quilts in a variety of fabrics, Thuma’s turned into a one-stop shop for upgrading those eight hours (okay, 5.5 hours) you spend sleeping.

For Always-On Transparency Mode: Bose Ultra Open Earbuds

When are earbuds not exactly earbuds? When Bose gets wild and drops these, the new Ultra Open Earbuds. They basically clip onto the outside of your ears, like an ear cuff, and aim the audio right at your eardrums. Bose says that no one else will hear your ’90s emo playlist—but you’ll be able to hear what’s going on around you. Think of it like adding a soundtrack to your life (though maybe keep your noise-cancelling headphones for the plane).

The Cozy-Boy Launch: Trumbull


Vintage Wash Full-Zip Sweatshirt


Vintage Wash Classic Sweatpant

Aaron Levine, who’s helped revive Abercrombie, Club Monaco, and Madewell, teamed up with Huckberry on a new in-house brand for the online superstore: Trumbull. It’s a small-but-comfy sportswear capsule full of thick hoodies, sweatpants, and quarter-zips, with each piece made in Detroit from fully U.S.-grown cotton.


For Sleepytime Comfort: Purple DreamLayer Pillow

Purple’s newest release isn’t a mattress, but an adjustable pillow so you can rest your sleepy little head however you please. Like its mattresses, Purple ditches the memory foam for an open-weave GelFlex grid, which helps improve air circulation and prevent you from waking up in a pool of your own sweat. It molds to your head for a cradling feeling, and you can adjust the height to best suit your needs.

The Bedroom Upgrade: Thuma Side Tables

Thuma’s quick-assembly furniture has expanded to side tables, whether it’s for your bedside or sofa-side. They’re available in four wood finishes to complement your home aesthetic.

A Pedestal for Your Grails: USM x Afternoon Light Perforated Shoe Rack

USM collaborated with the GQ Home Award-approved retailer Afternoon Light on a three-tier shoe rack that’s available in six colors. It’s about as attractive as the shoes you’re going to be putting on it, and when you expand your footwear collection, cop another rack to place side by side.

The Funky French Press: Bodum Caffettiera

Bodum makes some damn good coffee gear, French presses included. As part of a long-going partnership with the MoMA Design Store, the Danish coffee brand decked out its Caffettiera brewer with some colorful accents, notably on the handle and lid.

For Copping a Squat: Ten Thousand Interval Pants

One of our favorite brands for workout shirts and shorts, Ten Thousand took its popular Foundation short and elongated them into pants. Made for heavy lifting (think deadlifts and squats), the Foundation pants are made of a durable, stretchy fabric, which has been tested to withstand over 95,000 rubs in abrasion testing.

The Office Desk Upgrade: Twelve South BookArc Flex

Your laptop probably doesn’t take up much space just lying around on your desk, but if you’re looking to declutter a bit, Twelve South’s latest BookArc Flex lets you keep your laptop sitting upright to open up some space. And if you connect it to an external monitor, you’ll be able to tuck away the computer so it’s out of the way and you have a bigger, better screen to gaze at.

More Bougie Bedding Options: Article Bedding

The online bedding marketplace is a crowded space, and it’s adding another competitor to the mix in the form of Article, one of our favorite places to buy furniture online. The new bedding collection offers the usual suspects, from duvet covers to sheet sets in breezy fabrics like linen and cotton.

A Do-It-All Stanley Substitute: S’well Explorer Bottle

Another water bottle has entered the Stanley cup war—and this time it’s from the skinny water bottle legends, S’well. For a sleek, sizeable tumbler that doesn’t have a wait list down the block (yet), then the Explorer bottle which comes equipped with a sippy straw may be the next best thing.

For the Smoothie Lover With a Small Space: Beast Mini Blender

For small apartment dwellers with a minimal square footage and an even leaner kitchen counter, Beast just unveiled a scaled-down version of its popular hourglass-shaped blender. The new mini-me is available in five pastel colors, and you can even upgrade to the Mini Plus system that packs in more drinking vessels so you can take your Erewhon-worthy smoothies on the road.

The Snow Day Pick: Snow Peak x New Balance

For the fifth time, Snow Peak and New Balance have partnered up for a pair of shoes you’ll be grabbing whenever the snow actually starts to stick to the ground. These grippy sneaker-boots, which will literally keep you on your toes, are also blessed with a cozy Primaloft lining to keep your dogs warm despite the chill outside.

For the Stylish Bespectacled Guy: Warby Parker Spring Collection

Winter may have just started, but the four-eyed whizzes at Warby Parker are already springing forward with a new collection anchored by streamlined wire silhouettes and punchy acetate styles. Prices still start at $95 for acetate frames and $145 for metal ones, with the new styles serving as a reminder of why Warby Parker is still one of the best places to buy prescription eyewear online.

The Low-Cost, High-Quality Headphones: JBuds Lux ANC

Great noise-cancelling headphones don’t need to be expensive, at least according to JLab. The brand has staked its reputation on affordable tech that punches way above its price point, and its latest drop is a super-cheap pair of active noise-cancelling headphones called the Lux ANC. This over-the-ear model has a whopping 70-hour battery life (or 40 hours with ANC turned on) and a transparency mode for when you want to remain somewhat grounded in reality. One of its rarer features though is the Bluetooth multipoint functionality—something not even available on some high-end models—which allows you to stream sounds simultaneously from separate devices.

The Stanley Cup Competitor: Miir All Day Straw Cup

You’ve seen the all the hooplah over the Stanley cup, but Miir has just thrown down the gauntlet with its own mega tumbler, the All Day straw cup. It’s made of 90% recycled stainless steel, comes with its own reusable straw (obviously), can keep your bevvies chilled for hours, and you won’t even have to queue up overnight at Target to get one.

The Turntable That’s Gone Wireless: JBL Spinner Bluetooth Turntable


Spinner Bluetooth Turntable

JBL decided to switch things up from its regularly scheduled output of headphones and earbuds by dropping its first-ever turntable recently. This one connects with your speaker via Bluetooth so you don’t have to fuss around with a tangle of wires (though it usually nets better sound quality if you do go the wired route), which makes it an excellent companion to any of the brand’s vast catalogue of Bluetooth speakers and soundbars.

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